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The story...9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

The story...9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

On 9/11 there was a reported threat against Air Force Once and/ or President Bush, using the phrase "Angel is next". Angel was a top secret code word known to insiders only, and so Webster Tarpley tells us this threat shows "highly-placed moles within the administration" may have been involved:

According to Bob Woodward’s canonical mainstream account: “At about 10:30 AM
Cheney reached Bush again on Air Force One, which was still on its way toward
Washington. The White House had received a threat saying, ‘Angel is next.’ Since Angel was the codeword for Air Force One, it could mean that terrorists had inside

...the “Angel is next” story contained an explosive potential for the longer term, since by pointing toward the existence of highly-placed moles within the administration who had access to top secret code words and procedures, it threatened to explode the official myth of 9/11 which was then taking shape.
Webster Griffin Tarpley
9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

Our take...

There certainly were many reports of the "Angel is next" message. Tarpley also includes comments from government officials and the mainstream media, repeating the idea that the Angel code word was top secret and that a mole may have been involved:

In an interview with Tony Snow on Fox News Sunday, National Security Adviser
Condoleezza Rice confirmed that the September 11 threat against President Bush’s life included a secret code name.

SNOW: Sept. 11 there was a report that there was a coded message that said, “We’re going to strike Air Force One” that was using specific coded language and made the threat credible. Is that true?

RICE: That is true.

SNOW: So we have a mole somewhere?

RICE: It’s not clear how this coded name was gotten. We’re a very open society and I don’t think it’s any surprise to anyone that leaks happen. So, I don’t know -- it’s possible the code name leaked a long time ago and was just used.

SNOW: How on earth would that happen?

RICE: I don’t know. I don’t know. We’re obviously looking very hard at the situation. But I will tell you that it was plenty of evidence from our point of view to have special measures taken at that moment to make sure the president was safe.

This exchange was reported by Carl Limbacher of NewsMax.com, who added that “U.S. intelligence officials have not ruled out the possibility that a government mole may have given terrorists the top secret code language they used to deliver the threat ‘Air Force One is next’ as the World Trade Center and Pentagon were under attack.”
(NewsMax.com, September 23, 2001)
Webster Griffin Tarpley
9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

The story faded away over time, though, and the 9/11 Commission Report found the apparent threat was due to a misunderstanding:

1.All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Sometime around 10:30, after the decision had already been made not to return to Washington, a reported threat to "Angel"-the code word for Air Force One-was widely disseminated in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) and aboard Air Force One. Notes from the morning indicate that Vice President Cheney informed President Bush in a phone conversation shortly after 10:30 that an anonymous threat had been phoned into the White House that was viewed as credible.At about the same time, news of the threat was conveyed on the air threat conference call.

The Secret Service's Intelligence Division tracked down the origin of this threat and, during the day, determined that it had originated in a misunderstanding by a watch officer in the White House Situation Room.The director of the White House Situation Room that day disputes this account. But the Intelligence Division had the primary job of running down the story, and we found their witnesses on this point to be credible. During the afternoon of September 11 the leadership of the Secret Service was satisfied that the reported threat to "Angel" was unfounded.

At the White House press briefing on September 12, spokesperson Ari Fleischer described the threat to Air Force One as "real and credible."White House transcript, Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer, Sept. 12, 2001 (online at www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/09/print/20010912-8.html )
Fleischer told us he cited the information in good faith. Indeed, Fleischer had conferred with Vice President Cheney and Karen Hughes before the briefing, and they had decided to let people know about the threat, all of them believing it was true.According to Fleischer, only weeks later did he learn-from press reports-that the threat was unfounded. We have not found any evidence that contradicts his account.Ari Fleischer interview (Apr. 22, 2004); Chuck Green interview (Mar. 10, 2004); Deborah Loewer meeting (Feb. 6, 2004); Ralph Sigler meeting (May 10, 2004); Andrew Card meeting (Mar. 31, 2004); Edward Marinzel interview (Apr. 21, 2004); Secret Service briefing (Jan. 29, 2004).

A Wall Street Journal article of 2004 reveals more confusion, and adds an extra detail (our emphasis):

Once airborne, Mr. Bush spoke again on a secure phone with Mr. Cheney, who relayed a new message that changed the president's mind, White House officials later said. The vice president urged Mr. Bush to postpone his return because, Mr. Cheney said, the government had received a specific threat that Air Force One itself had been targeted by terrorists. Mr. Cheney emphasized that the threat included a reference to what he called the secret code word for the presidential jet, "Angel," Mr. Bartlett said in an interview.

In a press conference on Sept. 12, 2001, then-White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said the threat tipped the scales for Mr. Bush. The president reluctantly agreed to remain away from Washington "because the information that we had was real and credible about Air Force One," Mr. Fleischer said.

After a stop in Louisiana, the presidential jet flew to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Offutt's deep underground bunker gave the president a secure place to hold a video conference with officials in Washington. Shortly after 4 p.m., he decided to return to the capital, arriving at the White House just before 7 p.m.

Although in the days after Sept. 11, Mr. Cheney and other administration officials recounted that a threat had been received against Air Force One, Mr. Bartlett said in a recent interview that there hadn't been any actual threat. Word of a threat had resulted from confusion in the White House bunker, as multiple conversations went on simultaneously, he said. Many of these exchanges, he added, related to rumors that turned out to be false, such as reports of attacks on the president's ranch in Texas and the State Department. As for the Air Force One code name, Mr. Bartlett said, "Somebody was using the word 'angel,' " and "that got interpreted as a threat based on the word 'angel.' " (Former Secret Service officials said the code wasn't an official secret, but a radio shorthand designation that had been made public well before 2001.)

The vice president's office gave an account differing from Mr. Bartlett's, saying it still couldn't rule out that a threat to Air Force One actually had been made.

Days after the attacks, Mr. Cheney had said word of the threat had been passed to him by Secret Service agents. But in interviews, two former senior Secret Service agents on duty that day denied that their agency played any role in receiving or passing on a threat to the presidential jet.

An official in Mr. Cheney's office said in an interview that Mr. Cheney had been mistaken in saying the threat came to him via the Secret Service. The official said that instead, Mr. Cheney had received word of the threat from "a uniformed military person" manning the underground bunker. The official said the vice president and his staff don't know who the individual was. And the official said that he couldn't say definitively whether or not a threat had been made. "I'm not in a position to know the answer to that question," the official in the vice president's office said.

Of course if you believe Cheney was involved in the attacks, and the 9/11 Commission knowingly covered them up, then you’re hardly going to take their word about what happened. And there’s no obvious way to confirm or deny these accounts. Still, there is something relevant we can check here, in the claim that the code "wasn't an official secret, but a radio shorthand designation that had been made public well before 2001". Is this true?

Well, yes: it seems so.

We found one reference of Angel as a code word for Air Force One in a newsgroup "transcript of radio traffic between AF1 and plane carrying cabinet 11-22-63", for instance. This immediately tells us that “Angel” had been in use as a code word for almost 38 years (at least) on 9/11, so plenty of people must have known about it. In addition, the newsgroup post was dated 30th May 2001, and the author claims to have had the transcript since 1994:

The following information relative to Presidential aircraft radio call signs is given for clarification due to interchangeable use. "Air Force One" and "Angel" are used when the President is aboard the aircraft. "Air Force 2600" is used at all other times.
Google Groups Source

We found a second at the Wayback machine's record of www.2600.com's Secret Codes page. This lists many code words, and the first version (dated May 10th 1996) includes:..."

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Les Druzes Israeliens, un peuple de Soumis au Diktat Hebreu.

Les Druzes Israeliens, un peuple de Soumis au Diktat Hebreu.

La communauté druze d’Israël a célébré ce vendredi 24 avril la fête du Nevi Shouaïb. Il s’agit d’un prophète mentionné par le Coran et qui a été identifié comme étant Jéthro, le beau-père de Moïse l'Egyptien...

C’est au XIe siècle que la religion druze est née d’un mouvement de réforme de l’islam chiite. En Israël, le plus important site de pèlerinage est celui de Nebi Shouaïb situé à proximité des Cornes de Hittin, non loin de Tibériade...

A cette occasion, le président israélien M. Shimon Pérès s’est rendu hier dans le nord d’Israël pour participer aux festivités de la fête druze. Il a rendu hommage aux soldats druzes tombés au combat dans les rangs de Tsahal, les Druzes étant les seuls non juifs qui sont soumis diktat du service militaire.

Au début de 2009, la communauté druze d’Israël comptait 122.000 membres, soit 1,7% de la population israélienne et 8,3% de la population arabe d’Israël. Le taux de croissance annuel de la population druze (1,8%) est inférieur à celui de la population musulmane (2,8%), mais supérieur à la croissance démographique des Juifs (1,6%) et des Chrétiens (1,6%).

Les Druzes israéliens préfèrent vivrent entre eux pour préserver leur mode de vie traditionnel. Ils se répartissent entre deux grands villages de Galilée à majorité druze: Ir-Carmel (23.000 habitants) et Yarka (13.000 habitants). Les autres habitent dans des villages mixtes avec des musulmans et des chrétiens....

Traditionnellement, les Druzes vivent de l’agriculture qui représente encore une de leurs principales sources de subsistance. Depuis quelques années, les villages druzes se développent considérablement, en particulier en matière de commerce, d’industrie et de tourisme.

La conférence dite « Durban II » qui a prit des proportions naturelles contre Israël a une idée sur les offenses contre les cultes non Juifs dans ce pays .Dans cet unique etat raciste du Proche Orient, les Druzes, communauté arabophone forte de plus de 122 000 âmes et réparties dans 22 localités, sont reconnus officiellement comme une entité religieuse soumise avec leurs leaders spirituels, possédant leurs propres tribunaux (comprenant leur juridiction concernant les affaires de statut personnel, mariage, divorce, adoption…). De plus, ils possèdent une semi-autonomie sociale et cultuelle. Ce sont des citoyens semi-israéliens.

Parlant l’arabe, professant une foi issue d’un islam très hétérodoxe, les Druzes ont adopté la ligne soumise de la majorité juive de la fidélité à l’Etat. C’est une tradition chez les Druzes, comme les Juifs, de faire semblant d’être fidèles au pays dans lequel ils vivent, alors qu'en fait ils ne sont que de potentiels espions du MOSSAD en tout temps.... L’identité druze est une appartenance individuelle, mais leur identité collective, c’est d’être des soumis et espions preferes des Israéliens.

Certains savent qu’un Etat ne peut être à la fois juif et démocratique. C’est juste et totallement prouve depuis plus de 60 ans... Un Etat ne peut être démocratique sans qu’il y ait complète neutralité quant à son identité hegemonique, ethnique et aggressive. Le modèle de l’intégration non réussie des Druzes est un exemple. Israël n'est qu'un monopole de rabbins et un Etat raciste. Israël promeut une identité raciste spécifique tant qu’il y a autant de discriminations entre ses citoyens, Juifs, Arabes ou Druzes....

You gotta give him credit, at least he’s trying.... Trying to divert attention away from Israel, that is.....

“The biggest obstacle to any comprehensive solution, the right-wing minister said, ‘is not Israel, it is not the Palestinians. It’s the Iranians.’

It’s always been the Iranians. Even when it wasn’t the Iranians (such as during the first 30 years of Israel’s existence). And if tomorrow it won’t be the Iranians, it’ll be Pakistan and Afghanistan. Actually, it’s already them. Lieberman said Iran isn’t Israel’s biggest threat, Pakistan and Afghanistan are. And when it’s not them, it’ll be India, or Vietnam, or China. He’ll go around the world until he gets back here, and then he’ll come up with something else. Just not Israel. Nah, we’ve been ready to give back the West Bank since day one… We’re building settlements to house future Palestinians. Heck, Lieberman’s own home will one day welcome its rightful Palestinian owners. And they’re so damn unthankful! Bloody bastards. Maybe we’ll do a curfew tonight. For 12 hours. No, 24 hours. Wait, Independence Day is coming up (Wednesday). So from now until after the celebrations.

It’s the Iranians, I tell you…LOL

What’s pathetic are not his attempts, but rather his thinking that people will buy it. But then again, maybe some people are…

Heck, ATP, you don’t even buy his crap, do you?

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By Christopher Bollyn,

Bring this information to the attention of every newspaper in the United States -- and around the world. Demand that the media and politicians at every level address the scientific evidence that proves that Osama bin Laden and his twenty thieves did not destroy the World Trade Center. Ask them to investigate and explain who put tens of tons of super-thermite in the Twin Towers.

Now that we have proof that super-thermite was used to demolish the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the question is how was it put into the towers? And who put it there? The quantity of thermite in the towers must have been huge based on the amount found in the dust.While Dr. Niels H. Harrit, one of the authors of the thermite study, told Danish TV2 that he suspected that as much as 100 tons of thermite may have been brought in on "pallets" – I suspect that some of it may have been applied as a spray.

The spraying of the extremely explosive nano-composite thermitic solution may have been disguised as an asbestos abatement project. By applying a film of super-thermite to floors and other surfaces the pulverization of the concrete could have been effected. This explains how so much concrete was pulverized. The huge amount of residual super-thermite also explains the incredibly hot fires that burned at temperatures hotter than the boiling point of iron beneath the rubble for months after the collapses.One such asbestos abatement project was begun at the World Trade Center in the fall of 2000.

Here is the notice of the project:

Contract WTC-115.310

The World Trade Center Removal and Disposal of Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles and Other Incidental Asbestos-Containing Building Materials Via Work

Order Estimate Range: $1,000,000 annually

Bids due Tuesday, October 17, 2000.

This contract was offered and the work was begun during Lew Eisenberg's reign as head of the Port Authority. This is before Larry Silverstein obtained the leases, but during the time that the privatization process was well underway. The director of the New York privatization program was Ronald Lauder, who has very close ties to CIA and Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, e.g. the Lauder school at the IDC, Mossad's private university in Herzliya, Israel.....

I spoke with Burton Fried of LVI demolition and asbestos abatement several years ago about the report that his company had done this work. I tried to reach him again today at his office in Westport, Conn., but was told that he was out of the office until Monday.

Previously, Fried denied that LVI had done the work and said that a company called AASI had. The report that LVI had done the work, however, was reported in ENR, an engineering magazine of record, on September 13, 2001. The ENR reporter stood by her report that LVI had done the work; she said that LVI had been the source of the information.

LVI is a company that works on large-scale demolition projects by preparing the structure for the placement of explosives, usually done by Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland. I then filed an FOIA with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to learn who had worked in the towers in the year before 9-11.

The long awaited response from the Port Authority was that all the records were assumed to have been destroyed in the collapses. How convenient.This discovery presents us with a new key question that must be answered: Who loaded the Twin Towers with super-thermite? It is only a matter of time now before we discover who loaded the buildings with tons of super-thermite and how they did it. The architects of terror never thought we would get this far, but we have. The tables are now turned 180 degrees. We are no longer "conspiracy theorists" – they are.

The New York Times, CNN, FOX News, and the U.S. government will eventually have to deal with the new reality. Osama Bin Laden certainly did not put super-thermite in the World Trade Center. So, who did?We cannot accept a split reality where the rational mind understands the scientific facts and physical evidence that disprove the unproven fairy tale of Arab terrorism. The scientists have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the fairy tale is a pack of lies. These two competing versions of events cannot both be true. The 9-11 game is over, it ended with the publication of the evidence of super-thermite in the WTC dust. Now it is only a matter of time now before the guilty are exposed. The mass media and government must deal with the facts. They can no longer avoid the truth of what really happened on 9-11.

Niels H. Harrit on Denmark's TV2 News, April 6, 2009 (high resolution) http://agenda911.dk/article.php?story=nanothermite_tv2news
Evidence of thermite was evident from the first moment. The light-orange explosive cloud to the left is coming from the point of impact. The whitish clouds are indicative of pre-planted thermite explosives in the area targeted for impact.

"You are apparently doing a fantastic job on the 911 research issue. This is a collective effort and it is wonderful to know that people like you are so actively promoting the truth. Keep up the good work!!!"- Dr. Niels H. Harrit, co-author of the paper showing active thermite in the WTC dust to Christopher Bollyn, April 16, 2009

It is time for concerned citizens to ramp up the political pressure for the truth of 9-11. As Dr. Harrit wrote, "this is a collective effort." It is time for a citizen action plan to demand accountability by our media and political leaders!

Today, more than 7 years after the terrorism that changed the world, we now have scientific proof that the Twin Towers were demolished - using an extremely powerful form of Thermite, a highly energetic nano-composite known as Super-Thermite.

Active bits of this incredibly powerful explosive were found in 4 different samples of dust from the collapsed towers.My recent article, Super-Thermite Demolished Twin Towers on 9-11: Game Over for Criminals and Cover Up, explains the historic significance of the publication of this scientific discovery. In Denmark and Estonia, two staunch allies in the War on Terror, this discovery, which disproves the official version of events, has already been published and discussed in the national news media.

We cannot allow this crucial discovery to be ignored by the politicians and media in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.In Denmark, Dr. Niels H. Harrit, one of the authors of the research paper, discussed the significance of this discovery on a television news program.

In Estonia, the discovery of Super-Thermite was reported in the national news magazine, Eesti Ekspress.What we have to do as concerned citizens with moral courage seeking the truth of what really happened on 9-11 is to spread this information to our local news media and ask them to publish the information about this crucial discovery.

We also have to bring this discovery to the attention of our local politicians, representatives and senators in the U.S. Congress. We the people have to use our power to force this issue to be discussed in the media and the halls of power. As I said in my articles about this discovery, the writing on the wall is clear for the 9-11 criminals and those involved in the cover-up: it says "Game Over." It is time for us to pull the plug on those who have hijacked the truth about 9-11 for more than 7 years.

I urge you to send the link to the scientific paper entitled "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9-11 World Trade Center Catastrophe" to your local and national news media. Send it to your political leaders at the local, state, and national levels. Demand that they address this discovery and investigate who is responsible for putting massive amounts of Super-Thermite in the Twin Towers before 9-11.Thank you, for your support and efforts to spread the truth about 9-11. I am currently working to put my book Solving 9-11 together for publishing this spring. Please consider sending a donation to support my work. A donation can be most easily sent by clicking on the link to support my research and writing: http://www.bollyn.com/

Sources:Bollyn, Christopher, "Super-Thermite Demolished Twin Towers on 9-11: Game Over for Criminals and Cover Up," April 14, 2009

Bollyn, C., "Super-Thermite Found in World Trade Center Dust," April 5, 2009 Both at: http://www.bollyn.com/index.php?id=10095Harrit, Niels H. et al, "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,"

The Open Chemical Physics Journal, Volume 2, 2009, ISSN: 1874-4125, pp.7-31 (25) Authors: Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley, Bradley R. LarsenThe complete 25-page paper can be downloaded in pdf format:

http://www.bollyn.com/public/Active_Thermite_at_WTC.pd%20for from the publisher: http://www.bentham-open.org/

Niels Harrit, a Danish scientist and co-author of paper, on the evidence of super-thermite in the WTC dust, TV2 News, Denmark, April 6, 2009http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_tf25lx_3o