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Ending Today's Economic Crisis Simply and Easily, in America and Globally

A worthy idea for USA and Lebanon on Debt issues.....?

Ending Today's Economic Crisis Simply and Easily, in America and Globally - by Stephen Lendman

Some of the best ideas are often the simplest. When applied to the global economic crisis, the solution is easier than imagined. What's hard, in fact a Gordian Knot, is the political will to embrace it. But even matters that great can be solved by a bold stoke, and according to legend, Alexander the Great's "Alexandrian solution" was achieved with one stroke of his sword, cutting the Knot in half. Applied to the global economic crisis, it means addressing it with effective policies, not ones wrecking America and other troubled nations worldwide.

Economist Michael Hudson explains that "debt leveraging is what caused our economic collapse," so piling on more ("The Recovery Plan from Hell" he calls it) makes things worse, especially the way it's done:

-- in America, by a private banking cartel Federal Reserve bailing out its members to enrich them - the key giant ones referred to as Wall Street; and

-- the US Treasury doing the same thing; it let the federal debt skyrocket to stratospheric levels and affirmed Adam Smith's dictum in The Wealth of Nations that no country ever repaid its debts, surely not huge ones in a private banking cartel run state, and therein lies the problem - easily solved with a bold stroke, thus far not taken nor will it without mass public action demanding it.

Which is why this article is written, inspired by the work of others. Economist Michael Hudson for one. Global editor Michel Chossudovsky another, and noted author and writer Ellen Brown for her extraordinary book titled "Web of Debt" and her explanation of how "Cash-Starved States Need to Play the Banking Game" the same way as North Dakota.

If done at state and federal levels, it can save the economy from Wall Street's predation - by removing the debt overhang through debt write-downs as well as funding sustainable, inflation-free prosperity. It's not a pipe dream. It's real. It happened before and can again. Short of that, according to Hudson:

"debt service will (keep) crowd(ing) out spending on goods and services and there will be no recovery. Debt deflation will drag the economy down while assets are transferred further into the hands of the wealthiest 10% of the population (mainly the top 1%), operating via the financial sector."

Eventually the economy will collapse, but Wall Street will profit hugely - aided and abetted by corrupted public officials allied with the private parasitic Federal Reserve turning America into what Hudson calls a "zombie economy" and banana republic.

What Works for North Dakota Can Work for the Other States, America, and Everywhere

On March 2, Brown explained North Dakota's "Banking Game" and asked:

"What does the State of North Dakota have that other states don't....its own bank" - and therein lies its uniqueness and strength. When only four of the 50 states are solvent, North Dakota runs surpluses, and according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, it's expected to have them in FY 2009 and 2010.

In his January 2009 State of the State address, governor John Hoeven explained:

"Since 2000, the State of North Dakota has gained jobs, and now we are gaining population, as well.

Personal income has grown by 43 percent - nearly 15 percent faster than the national average. In fact, our per capita income has moved up 12 places, from 38th to 26th among all the states (despite a tiny 641,481 population, according to 2008 US Census Bureau figures).

Wages have grown 34 percent, compared to just 26 percent for the rest of the country.

Our gross state product since 2000 has grown by nearly $10 billion, from $17.7 billion to more than $27 billion last year - a 56 percent increase - again, faster than the nation.

And our foreign exports have grown by 225 percent since 2000, breaking the $2 billion mark for the first time in North Dakota history.

Furthermore, our economic growth and diversification, along with the good financial stewardship, has enabled us to build a surplus and a solid financial reserve for the future....the state of our state is strong (at a time) our nation's economy is in a down-cycle...."

On May 23, The Bismark Tribune and other state papers reported that North Dakota has the nation's lowest unemployment rate at 4%. Clearly, it has a leg up on the other states, something all their governors and legislators should note along with federal officials in Washington. What works for North Dakota can work everywhere.

The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned bank in the nation - established in 1919 by its legislature "to free farmers and small businessmen from the clutches of out-of-state bankers and railroad men," according to Brown quoting management consultant Charles Fleetham in a February 2009 article published in his home state, Michigan. Brown continues:

"Three elected officials oversee the bank: the governor, the attorney general, and the commissioner of agriculture. The bank's mission is to deliver sound financial services that promote agriculture, commerce and industry (and operate) as a bankers' bank, partnering with private banks to loan money to farmers, real estate developers, schools and small businesses." Also to students and private individuals in the state at low affordable rates.

Key though is how it operates and stays solvent when so many of the nation's banks are financially strapped and face bankruptcy. As Brown explains:

"Certified, card-carrying bankers are allowed to do something nobody else can do....create 'credit' with accounting entries on their books." It turns money into credit by what's called "fractional reserve banking" that multiplies each dollar deposited magically into about 10 in the form of loans or computer-generated funds. It's literally money created out of thin air so that banks can re-lend it many times over, and the more deposits, the greater the amount of lending.

At issue is whether credit should be private or public, and as Brown wrote in a December 29 article titled "Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul: The Wall Street Ponzi Scheme called Fractional Reserve Banking:"

"Readily available credit has made America 'the land of opportunity' ever since the days of the American colonists," with more on that below. "What has transformed this credit system into a Ponzi scheme that must continually be propped up with bailout money is that the credit power has been turned over to private bankers who always require more money back than they create" because they charge high interest rates to make a profit. When governments lend their own money, profit isn't at issue so rates can be low and affordable to businesses, farmers, and private individuals, and for their own and municipality needs, it's interest-free.

Brown and others have explained that "fractional reserve banking" dates from the 17th century, done then mainly in gold and silver coins. Early bankers soon realized it was simpler to use deposit receipts (called notes) as a means of payment. They then began creating money by making loans through promises to pay, and more could be issued than the amount of coins on hand as only enough were needed to service redemptions - today's idea of a reserve requirement.

What began earlier as notes, today are accounting entries that literally create money out of thin air. And it works the same for government as for privately-owned banks, except for the following.

As publicly-run institutions, their mandate is entirely different:

-- they don't have to earn profits;

-- they're not beholden to Wall Street or shareholders; and

-- only the state's creditworthiness matters, and so far, in over 230 years, no state ever went out of business and virtually none ever default on their debt, even when poorly governed.

Further, they can lend to themselves and municipalities interest-free, and to businesses, farmers, and individuals at low affordable rates to create internal growth and sustainable prosperity. And the more often loans are rolled over, the more debt-free money is created - without fear of inflation.

As long as new money produces goods and services, inflation can't occur. Only imbalances cause problems - "when 'demand' (money) exceeds 'supply' (goods and services)." Price stability is assured when both increase proportionally, and that's exactly how it worked in colonial America and under Lincoln during the Civil War as Brown explained in "Web of Debt."

In 1691, Massachusetts became "the first local government to issue its own paper money...." called scrip. Other colonies followed, Pennsylvania most effectively by issuing new money without inflation or need for taxes. For over 25 years, it collected none, and at the same time, its population grew and commerce prospered. The "secret was in not issuing too much (credit), and in recycling the money back to the government in the form of principal and interest on government-issued loans."

In other words, keeping everything proportionally in balance and not having to pay interest to predatory private lenders - the very system wrecking America today and other economies run by private central banks.

Lincoln did the same thing in spite of assassination threats before his inauguration as well as "treason, insurrection, and national bankruptcy" during his first year in office. Considering what he faced, his accomplishments were remarkable, including:

-- building the world's largest army;

-- defeating the South;

-- turning the country into the world's "greatest industrial giant;"

-- launching the steel industry, a continental railroad system, and a new era of farm machinery and cheap tools;

-- establishing free higher education;

-- giving settler ownership rights and encouraging land development through the Homestead Act;

-- having government support all branches of science;

-- standardizing methods of mass production;

-- increasing labor productivity by 50 - 75%; and

-- still more "with a Treasury that was completely broke and a Congress that hadn't been paid."

He did it by nationalizing control over banking so government could print its own money - interest free without paying usurious rates that private bankers demanded, from 24 - 36%. As a result, "the economy was jump-started with a 600 percent increase in government spending and cheap credit directed at production" - done with government-issued Greenbacks. They financed the war, paid the troops, and spurred the nation's growth - free from the system wrecking the country today to let parasitic private banks prosper.

In "Web of Debt," Brown explained that early 20th century Australia operated under a publicly-run bank as well - its Commonwealth Bank that created money, made loans, and collected interest at a fraction of what private bankers charge. It worked well enough for the country to have one of the highest living standards in the world at the time. Once private bankers took over, Australia became heavily indebted, and its living standard fell to a 23rd place ranking - clearly showing the destructive power of private bank-created money and overwhelming benefits possible when governments print their own.

America today can have the same advantages instituted by:

-- its colonists;

-- Lincoln;

-- early 20th century Australia;

-- the Middle Ages, falsely portrayed as a backward and impoverishing era only saved by industrial capitalism; in fact, under its banker-free tally system, it prospered for hundreds of years; and

-- China for thousands of years before the era of private banking, and today because Beijing directs The People's Bank of China (its semi-independent central bank) to grow the nation's economy and create millions of jobs for its burgeoning population.

America and world economies can be just as prosperous but only with determined effort enough to replace their corrupted systems with one that's fairest and works best .

A publicly-run banking system benefits everyone by using deposits for sustainable internal growth and government needs - at the state and local levels. And for the federal government, by printing its own money interest-free for the same purpose.

This writer and Brown believe that credit should be a public utility under a nationalized banking system, creating its own money at the federal level and with deposits into state-run banks - to serve people, not predator bankers. It would be the most equitable, sustainable, efficient and democratic system, free from parasitic lenders, and it would work equally well at the federal, state and community levels with local branches of government banks serving municipalities, their businesses, and residents at affordable costs.

Under the privately-run Federal Reserve and parasitic giant banking system, corporate monopolies run America and use "their affiliated banking trusts to generate unlimited funds to buy up competitors, the media, and the government itself, forcing truly independent private enterprise out" - the very system classical economists abhorred.

Private banks hold nations hostage by making them pay interest on their own money as well as "advanc(ing) massive loans to their affiliated cartels and hedge funds, which use the money to raid competitors and manipulate markets."

In America, it's an extreme form of Darwinism with the federal government and 46 of the 50 states insolvent - and small businesses and ordinary people faring worst. Another way is essential to keep the nation, individual states, local communities, and most people from becoming "zombies" and America transformed into Guatemala.

With federal, state, and community banks made a public utility under a nationalized banking system, consider the benefits:

-- personal and payroll taxes could be eliminated;

-- stable, sustainable economic growth could be generated;

-- America's manufacturing base could be rebuilt;

-- vital infrastructure projects could be undertaken on a scale never before imagined, including cleaning up the environment and developing alternate, sustainable, clean, safe, and affordable energy sources;

-- many millions of new good-paying jobs could be created, putting an end to unemployment for everyone willing and able work; and for those willing but unable, aid could be provided;

-- home foreclosures would end, and the dream of home ownership would be in reach for everyone because mortgages would be plentiful, cheap, and not designed to scam the unwary;

-- inflation could be ended;

-- booms and busts would be a thing of the past;

-- destructive currency devaluations and economic warfare for private gain would no longer be a threat;

-- private pensions, savings, and investments would be secure; and

-- federal, state, and local debt could be eliminated.

Imagine the following:

Weeks back, Bloomberg and others reported that from $12 - 14 trillion in bailouts and stimulus have been allocated or spent, while the Fed can't account for $9 trillion in off-balance sheet transactions. Why? Because of unprecedented willful fraud given a wink and nod by the highest officials in Washington partnered with criminal bankers to loot the Treasury and fleece the public.

Now imagine if $1 trillion of the total looted went to publicly-run banks for productive purposes. "Fractional reserve" magic would create $10 trillion. If around half of it went there (remember already allocated or spent), an astonishing $70 trillion could be used productively, not wasted, used to buy damaged assets cheap for greater consolidation, or for speculation at the risk of a severe future inflation. Then envision a new future:

-- the federal debt could be eliminated;

-- all unfunded liabilities, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid would be secure in perpetuity;

-- the nation and all 50 states would become solvent and on their way to comfortable surpluses; and

-- a sustainable, inflation-free, prosperous future would result with essential social benefits for everyone, including affordable or perhaps free health care, education, and the end of poverty because a guaranteed minimum income could be assured.

Overall, it would be nothing short of a revolutionary new America, only rhetorically addressed up to now, with all winners and no losers - except the private predator banks and their corrupted public sector partners.

And remember, newly created money isn't inflationary as long as imbalances are avoided and it's productively used for new goods and services.

That's the kind of America to work for and not quit until achieved. If not now, when? If we don't do it, who will? If not done soon enough, it may be too late. If that's not incentive enough, what is?

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Just another assassination in Washington, DC by the infamous White House Murder INC,

Just another assassination in Washington, DC by the infamous White House Murder INC,

WMR has learned from an well-informed source that the late President of the small Pacific island nation of Nauru, Bernard Dowiyogo, who died on March 9, 2003, while visiting Washington, DC, was given a heart attack-inducing drug with the knowledge of his six-member U.S. Secret Service protective detail. The drug resulted in Dowiyogo, a six-term president of Nauru, dying of massive heart failure at George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC. Dowiyogo first became President of Nauru in 1976.

The information recently obtained by WMR confirms our first report on March 9, 2007, concerning Dowiyogo's suspicious death:

"Our sources in Asia report that Dowiyogo was placed under tremendous pressure by Bush administration officials. Dowiyogo had tried to kick out the Russian-Israeli Mafia from his country. The mobsters had used the nation's lax tax and banking laws to set up shop to launder ill-gotten gains from illegal activities, including drug and weapons smuggling, online gambling, online child pornography, and tax evasion. The Bush administration had been infiltrated by mobsters and their allies, including fugitive Marc Rich's attorney, Irving Lewis Libby, who became Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff."

Just a few weeks before his death while under the protection of the U.S. Secret Service, the agency was transferred from the Department of Treasury to the new Department of Homeland Security.

Dowiyogo, who was 57, was in Washington to discuss with Bush administration officials the closing down of the Russian-Israeli Mafia financial pipeline that ran through his small island nation. Dowiyogo signed a secret agreement concerning money laundering in Washington on February 27.

WMR's latest information is that Dowiyogo collapsed after having dinner. After the president collapsed, he was rushed to George Washington Hospital and died after 11 hours of heart surgery failed to revive him.

The Australian newspaper reported on March 11, 2003, that a long-time Melbourne friend of Dowiyogo, Helen Bogdan, said, "he [Dowiyogo] would never have gone to Washington if they thought this was going to happen." Dowiyogo reportedly had detailed knowledge of Russian Israeli mafia money and properties in Australia. In March 2001, the Russian Central Bank stated that US$70 billion had been laundered through 400 offshore banks registered in Nauru by the Russian-Israeli mafia.

U.S. State Department mouthpiece Richard Boucher was quick with a "deepest condolence" message: "The United States expresses its deepest condolences to the people of Nauru and to the family of Bernard Dowiyogo on the passing of the president of Nauru," Boucher said at the State Department, just a few blocks away from the hospital where Dowiyogo died.

Dowiyogo was considered one of the South Pacific's strongest opponents to U.S. Navy nuclear ship patrols in the region and French nuclear testing in French Polynesia. It was ironic that his body was flown on a U.S. Air Force plane from Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii to Nauru. It was also suspicious that Dowiyogo's funeral was postponed in Nauru because of unexplained "delays" encountered in getting the president's body back to Nauru from Washington.

Just a few weeks after Dowiyogo died, Dowiyogo's successor as President, Derog Gioura, 71, a Dowiyogo political ally, suffered a heart attack and was rushed to an Australian hospital from the 8-square mile island state. Later reports stated that Gioura suffered a stroke. A few weeks later, Gioura said he was surprised to learn that the Bush administration had claimed that six suspected "terrorists," including two members of "Al Qaeda" had been arrested in Southeast Asia carrying Nauruan passports.

Dowiyogo's wife, Christina, who was at his side when he died in Washington, was reported on March 20, 2008, to have "died overnight."

Individuals close to the government of the tiny Pacific island Republic of Nauru are taking another look at the mysterious death of its President

March 9-11, 2007 -- Individuals close to the government of the tiny Pacific island Republic of Nauru are taking another look at the mysterious death of its President, Bernard Dowiyogo, who died at George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC on March 10, 2003, while on an official trip to the United States. Dowiyogo, a former President of the republic, became president again after President Rene Harris signed a controversial agreement with the John Howard government in Australia to become a processing center for Howard's "Pacific Solution," a program to house Middle Eastern and South Asian refugees in a number of Pacific islands in return for cash.

Dowiyogo, who was 57, collapsed after signing a contentious (and secretive) agreement with Bush administration officials on the sale of Nauruan passports, off-shore finance, and support for Bush's so-called "war on terror." He died after 11 hours of heart surgery on the operating table. The corporate media reported that Dowiyogo died of complications from diabetes. Dowiyogo's body was returned to the Nauruan government by the U.S. Air Force.

Death of a president in Washington, DC: Was foul play involved in death of Nauru's Bernard Dowiyogo? Yes, say our Asian sources.

Our sources in Asia report that Dowiyogo was placed under tremendous pressure by Bush administration officials. Dowiyogo had tried to kick out the Russian-Israeli Mafia from his country. The mobsters had used the nation's lax tax and banking laws to set up shop to launder ill-gotten gains from illegal activities, including drug and weapons smuggling, online gambling, online child pornography, and tax evasion. The Bush administration had been infiltrated by mobsters and their allies, including fugitive Marc Rich's attorney, Irving Lewis Libby, who became Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff.

American involvement in assassinations of Pacific leaders is preceded by the murders of Palau's first President Haruo Remeliik in 1985 and the so-called "suicide" of his successor, Lazarus Salii, in 1988. Both presidents died because of their firm opposition to a free association treaty with the United States permitting U.S. nuclear warships to have access to Palauan ports. In 1990, Ricardo Bordallo, Guam's ex-Governor who favored Chamorro rights over the U.S. military on the island, was found shot to death in the head wrapped in a Guamanian flag. The death was ruled a suicide.

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The American War on Wana

There is an international network of spies and mercenary agents, but it is an arm of the CIA and Western intelligence agencies. This nameless network, dubbed “al Qaida” by Cheney and Bush, has operated out of western Pakistan for thirty years, where the CIA planted it. Created by Reagan and Bush’s father, the militant network is 100% “made in America....”

We are fighting a war that is like no other. The illusion is made as real; the real is made as dust. Nothing is as it seems in this war, even though this is the era of instant news. This alteration of our very understanding of reality has been necessary for us to pursue a war policy of pure evil, even though we have paraded ourselves before the world as warriors in defense of truth and light. The human race is begging for an end to the path of destruction that trusted American leaders have steered the world onto., longing to turn onto a permanent path of Light. It is high time the United States either showed the world the way into the Light, or got out of the way of those who can.
Our new president has made a great show of being the man with the hope of “change” in his hand, but in the cold light of day he is readying massive doses of change for the worse. The world was begging for American leadership to undo what the last “mis-leader” has done, but the economic powers that rule America have produced another charlatan bearing nothing more than a nice smile, to bind us to the path of escalation that leads to the Empire’s goal of permanent war.
A great sickness of mind has inflicted the people of this Nation, filling our thoughts with bloodlust and heroic visions of victory over savage hordes who are bent on our destruction. The “al Qaida” and Taliban who have been cast as classic movie villains who prefer a world ruled by death and despair, answer to strange gods and display bizarre customs. American soldiers were cast in the hero’s role, standing tall in their glorious image of the lone eagle warriors holding-back the swelling tides of Asia and Africa, defending our lovingly constructed towers of glory that surely elevate us that much closer to our Creator even as they set us above our fellow man. This is the Hollywood image of America that has been carefully constructed by our leaders and powerhouses of influence, the “Zion” of Matrix fame. “Zion” America, the hero nation of warriors, defending precious civilization, under siege by armies of darkness and inhumanity.
The “war on terror” is much like a movie, in that it was definitely developed according to some sort of script, enormous investments were made in its production, while it waited many years in development. The first step in understanding is realizing that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were not the opening act, neither was the first Trade Center bombing in 1993.
The second step in understanding the “war on terror” is accepting the fact that nothing is as it seems; there are no “good guys,” but there are plenty of bad guys, and an unlimited supply of innocents. The United States and its allies cannot wear the white hats in this bad “spaghetti western,” the second act of which is being stage-managed now in Western Pakistan, that is, unless there is no morality. Unless the foundation of the entire American legal system is suddenly without merit, the United States also be seen as some of the worst bad guys in this violent international travesty of justice.
We have forced our war that we wage in the name of vengeance, out of our sense of righteous indignation, for an attack that killed thousands of innocent civilians, blamed on an ill-defined enemy, offering no evidence of their guilt, killing over one million innocent civilians and turning five times that amount into refugees in the process.
Now, our new president, the one elected on a promise to “change” (one of those changes being the salvation of the first war in Afghanistan, by winding-down the second war in Iraq), is the latest facilitator of the Empire’s plans, a marionette, dancing to the “New World Order blues,” as he “song and dances” us around these first two wars and into a third unwinnable war in Pakistan. The third step in understanding the truth about the terror war is to realize that the American government has not been trying to end these two wars, it has been using every means at its disposal to prolong the first two wars while it frantically sought a way to start a third. America is not really losing either war, but it has never had any intentions of winning them either.
Obama continues the presidential tradition of deceiving the world about American intentions, present facts backwards—preserving capitalism will not salvage the war effort, but military action is planned, to acquire the means to avert any economic emergency, the resources of the underdeveloped region . Pakistan is the keystone in an American strategic move that stretches in an arc across the entire Middle East and southern central Asia. If Pakistan is not totally under American control then the plan cannot work. The existence of this plan accounts for the brazenness shown in American actions taken in Pakistan that are in direct contravention of the expressed will of the Pakistani people and their leaders, actions clearly intended to undermine Army and governmental authority.
The Obama Administration is expanding the war on the strength of this statement:

“to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future.”

Every action that our government takes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, under the pretense of eliminating “al Qaida” is a fraud. Whatever is left of bin Laden’s organization (he never called it “al Qaida,” it was the “World Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Jews and Crusaders”), most of the terrorist acts that have been blamed on the legendary group were either the work of other terrorists [like Khalid Sheikh Mohamed and Ramsey Yousef], CIA/Special Forces operations or attacks by mercenary proxies hired by the CIA network). The Arabic expression,‘Q eidat ilmu’ti’aat’, meaning “the database,” is the source of the term ascribed to the legendary terrorist outfit.

The term “al Qaida” was never used before the “war of terror” was dreamed-up in the sick minds of the neocon spooks who ran the Bush/Cheney political team in the 2000 campaign. The only proof given to the contrary came from an Israeli source, claiming to be copied text from an American embassy press release. World renowned expert on bin Laden , Yossef Bodansky never used the term “al Qaida” even once in his opus volume of research entitled, “Bin Laden: the Man Who Declared War on America,” published in 1999. Bodansky was Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives from 1988 to 2004, so if there was an “al Qaida” terrorist organization before 1999 he would have known about it.

The concept of the “global war on terror” has served as an excuse for turning reality on its head and the implementation of the full war agenda of the radical American right wing. Bin Laden’s organization, “World Islamic Front for Jihad” is a spent force. The promise to chase a generic tag that is made to fit any enemy is a ruse intended to gain the consent of the American people for creating a state of permanent war.

In a war based entirely on manufactured delusions, the allied nations took a small expeditionary force of mercenaries and the amplifying device of the corporate media and created the illusion of “al Qaida.” The Muslim and Arab militants used in the attacks blamed on them throughout the world were military/intelligence agency assets, “patsies” to take the fall for a series of attacks upon American interests. The corporate masters of America ordered their secret “al Qaida” army, compromised mostly of retired military and intelligence officers, to initiate a series of well-timed and expertly advertised attacks. This successful application of the “strategy of tension” had the desired effect of deceiving the democratic masses into giving the government permission to start world war III.

This secret network of rogue “retired” intelligence agents and military officers has been a key element of American covert policies since Vietnam and has become an active tool of every American president since it was organized into a private secret army under Ronald Reagan. They probably killed Kennedy and numerous other key American and allied world leaders. Their secret machinations were brought to light by the missteps of rogue official Oliver North, revealing for the first time the depths of their plans in the “Rex 84” program of civilian internment camps, intended to accommodate the human bi-products of future plans for martial law.

In their most blatant attack upon Americans on September 11, they (“al Qaida”) used their Saudi patsies to launch the biggest psychological warfare operation of all time, which was ultimately intended to bring-about an American dictatorship that would extend all the way to Central and Southern Asia. They needed the help of their Saudi collaborators, as well as that of the Pakistanis, to create the illusion of a terrorist menace growing out of the Middle East that would open the door for unbridled American aggression and the plans for permanent limited world war.

The Saudis offered-up their limitless supply of Wahabbi jihadis to serve as cannon-fodder in America’s terror war, Pakistan had the network of jihadi training camps built for them by the Americans, using mostly Saudi money, and the thousands of veteran militants trained in those camps, represented by the Taliban and the Kashmiri groups. Wherever the Saudi militants were used in the Middle East to create the impression of “al Qaida,” their actions were usually traced back to the Taliban and their friends usually with information supplied by CIA or Mossad, in order to legitimize the sweep of American/NATO troops out of Afghanistan, through Pakistan, into Central Asia.

The great production, a.k.a. “the war on terror,” is the largest, most ambitious construction project in history, the construction of the world’s biggest inter-continental oil and gas pipeline system, with the lion’s share of it working its way towards the ports of Israel. Israel has a huge stake in seeing this project succeed, that’s why they are in charge of overseeing so much of the preliminary demolition of the houses and towns occupied by the current “useless eaters,” who stand in the way of the latest scheme for certain individuals to reap ultimate profits. Another player who has a major stake in seeing the project succeed is Iran. They are planned to be a major provider and transit route. Between Israel and Iran, they carry-out the majority of the ongoing demolition projects in the Middle East, from Lebanon to Gaza, from Gaza to Egypt, from Egypt to Somalia, from everywhere to Iraq, from Iraq to Pakistan, from Pakistan to Uzbekistan and Western China. For Western powers the Iran/Israeli conflict is stage-managed to magnify popular tension, even though most Zionist leaders are dead serious about eliminating Iran.

Iran runs the public terror operations (in a covert manner), while Mossad has the franchise for the covert ops that are coordinated with other intelligence agencies. Wherever you find an active “al Qaida” cell you are witnessing the handiwork of Israel’s finest dirty fighters. All known “al Qaida” or “al Q linked” networks uncovered invariably lead back to Mossad, or the Saudis, Brits, or Americans. In Pakistan, Mossad’s influence is manifested through shared missions with India’s RAW spy agency, mostly in the form of terror attacks blamed on the Pakistani Taliban. Israeli arms sales throughout this troubled region add fuel to the fire and ensure that Iran’s arms sales are matched, in order to produce long bloody stalemates between targeted groups. While Iran’s sales and training programs have created Hezbollah’s formidable force and empowered Hamas, Israel’s arms sales have gone to clients who were either schooled to serve as an imaginary enemy, or to those seeking to defend themselves from the cardboard armies.

The war in AfPak is based on multiple deceptions by numerous interested parties. The US brashly demands that Pakistan give-up its deceptions concerning the Taliban, in order to defend the central US deception, that “al Qaida” is a potent international organization of terrorists, that is locked in a war to the death with the US military.
CIA forces are pounding Pakistani targets almost on a daily basis, saying that it is time to come clean about ISI support for Taliban militants, trying by every available means to persuade the government to come around to our point of view. Our point of view is a fairy tale, concocted for maximum propaganda effect—Pakistan is a “state sponsor of terrorism,” while the United States is coming-off practically blameless for having had thousands of “Islamic” militants trained in radical Saudi-supplied madrassas and CIA-supplied paramilitary camps. So far, the CIA has managed to pull-off a world-class propaganda coup by making Pakistan the scapegoat for problems it has created.
The CIA has controlled the direction of this covert operation from the beginning, just as it has been in command of the successful intelligence operation that created the greater war and the events of 911. The CIA, on orders from Bush Sr., did not abandon Afghanistan., to the sole discretion of the Pakistanis, as contended by many researchers. The proof of this is found in the revelations made by several notable researchers (here, here, and here), that the Taliban won the Afghan civil war because of the sudden serendipitous “discovery” of “800 truckloads worth of arms and ammunition in a cave near Spinbaldak, information that could only have been obtained with the use of powerful spy satellites.
In “Operation Enduring Turmoil,” CIA planners were limited at first to leading a mercenary army in Afghanistan of Northern Alliance proxy forces. Since then, besides administering the massive “cluster-f**k” known as the Afghan war, it has been busy using some of the Northern Alliance’s most ruthless men, along with a sizeable force of Uzbeks to destabilize Pakistan’s Federally Administrated Tribal Areas and North West Frontier Provinces.
Confusion in the war zone and the lid that has been clamped on news coming-out of the area has made it possible to introduce all sorts of sundry militant outfits into the area under the one all-inclusive rubric of “Taliban,” just as conditions have allowed for the branding of multiple unaffiliated groups under the chosen talisman of evil, “al Qaida.”
At the end of the Afghan invasion, after the bulk of the Taliban and bin Laden’s forces were reduced and contained to Eastern Afghanistan, the CIA took steps to prevent the elimination of entire group, specifically holding-back Northern Alliance forces and American bombers until the trapped fighters could escape to Pakistan, by both land and air (the “Kunduz airlift” involved CIA intervention on behalf of ISI, to relocate Taliban and Army advisors who were under heavy seige). They relocated to the area around Chitral in the north of Pakistan and returned to Wana in droves. These were the radicals and foreign “al Qaida” that have since then proceeded to create a reign of terror in Pakistan, as they began to force their radical Wahabbi “jihadi” religious practices on the locals, many of whom are illiterate, with no base of formal knowledge with which to combat their poisonous interpretations of Islam.
The radicals who were bombing, kidnapping and be-heading local tribal leaders by the hundreds were mostly Uzbeks from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) who had come from Afghanistan. They were the “al Qaida” killers who were being reported on the American “nightly news.” Sightings of “al Qaida” in FATA or Swat invariably refer to this group, or other Uzbeks who came in a second wave, with Northern Alliance Afghans, as they accompanied Guantanamo alumnus Abdullah Mehsud.
The Uzbeks and Afghans who accompanied Abdullah Mehsud into Pakistan began a series of terror attacks against Pakistanis, claiming to be fighting for Mullah Omar. Mehsud’s fighters brought heat from the Army down upon the region, ignited intra-tribal warfare with forces led by Maulvi Nazir, and eventually aligned themselves with Baitullah Mehsud and Maulana Fazlullah, providing a base in the north for Shariah-enforcing attacks. These are the “Taliban” forces who wage war on local Shiites and government forces, blowing-up girls schools, CD shops, etc.

The Mehsud/Uzbek operation was a CIA operation that was kept completely separate and secret from Pakistan’s ISI, since the Army was the intended target of the group. The joint American/Afghan/Indian operation, to create chaos in Pakistan’s tribal region by the infusion of “fake Taliban” into Pakistan, has been made possible because of Karzai’s spy agency (NDS) director, thirty-six-year-old Amrullah Saleh, who once boasted:
“Insurgency is like grass. Two ways to destroy it: You cut the upper part, and after four months, you have it back. You poison the soil where that grass is, then you eliminate it forever.”
The fake “Taliban” has very effectively poisoned the soil of northern and western Pakistan. The war that Pakistan has been forced to fight against them is a “detoxification” operation, to destroy the noxious weeds that have been transplanted into the fertile soil of the Frontier Region.
Their attacks, coupled with the constant haranguing and threats coming from Bush and Cheney, have compelled the Army to fight a series of mini-wars against the fake Taliban, or “al Qaida,” who had taken advantage of Muslim customs to gain shelter among the local Pashtun population from the storm blowing-away across the Durand Line. Each time the Army ended the mini-war by signing treaties with militant leaders like Mullah Dadullah or Baitullah Mehsud, a new series of attacks would erupt elsewhere. The collateral damage inflicted upon the local tribes in these attacks and the Army’s counter-attacks then, as now, was massive. This suffering and violence breathed new life into the local Taliban movement, motivating thousands to take-up arms against the Americans and the Pakistani government.
Into this confusing, boiling cauldron of inter-tribal and inter-agency warfare the British and American forces introduced another wild card, the “Taliban split,” orchestrated around the killing on May 13 of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah. British and Afghan agencies used his brother Mansoor to introduce the idea of “reconciliation” and double-cross into the minds of both the Afghan and the Pakistani Taliban. British assets associated with Mansoor began to perpetuate mistrust and suspicion of Afghan double-agents, especially those who had been associated with Abdullah Mehsud and his Uzbeks.
Out of this British/American operation emerged an organization that was called “Taliban,” but what came forth was not Taliban, but “anti-Taliban,” the “Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).”
December 14, 2007, the formation of the Taliban Movement of Pakistan (TTP).
On December 27 Benazir Bhutto was killed.
Dec. 29, 2007, Taleban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed read to AFP over the telephone a statement issued by Omar that said Mullah Mansoor Dadullah was sacked
The Sararogha Fort raid occurred on 15-16 January 2008.

The commander of the Pakistani Special Forces (SSG) who led the operation which retook the fortress from the militants led by Baitullah Mehdud, Gen. Alavi, was brutally gunned-down after approaching a British reporter with a story about other Pakistani generals who were dealing with local militants, instead of seriously eliminating them, as claimed. Two lower-ranking officers, turned “Islamists” have since been charged in his killing, which produced other news reports linking the two with a Taliban assassination ring based in Waziristan and having had contacts with local foe of Baitullah Mehsud, Maulvi Nazir. The two officers were believed to be associated with Sheikh Omar, the killer of Daniel Pearl, whose phone records show that he had placed calls to Gen. Alavi’s phone from his jail cell.
Sararogha-video of Sara Rogha Fort

wana map
Waziri tribal leader Mullah Nazir is the most dangerous man in all of Pakistan, threatening to blow the lid off America’s secret plans for Pakistan. He alone holds the keys to war and peace in S. Waziristan. Nazir represents America’s ultimate failure in Pakistan so far, even though he had formerly been a shining example of “reconciliation” and cooperation with Pakistan Army initiatives. Thanks to the campaign of repeated assassination attempts by terminator drones which have stalked him over the past year, he has moved himself firmly into the camp of Baitullah Mehsud, even though they have been bitter rivals until now.
Maulvi Nazir had led his Waziri tribe to form a Lashkar (militia) group which expelled the trouble-making Uzbeks and all foreign “al Qaida” from around the town of Wana, after they had killed over three hundred tribal elders (maliks). The campaign of tribal defense which he initiated has worked wherever it has been applied, perhaps explaining why he has been the constant target of both “al Qaida” and US guns since then. His reward for having championed the cause of self-defense against American plans for domination has been given in the form of Hellfire missiles delivered by Predator drones over the past year.
After a full year of this, on February 14, 2009 Obama attacked Baitullah Mehsud’s forces in the village of Shrawangai Nazarkhel. This change in strategy came just two days after the targeting situation in Pakistan was openly discussed on an Internet podcast. This particular airstrike caused the reunification of the two marked leaders and the splitting-off of another fairly powerful ally of Maulvi Nazir in his struggle against Mehsud and the violent Uzbeks, the inheritor of Abdullah Mehsud’s Pakistani soldiers, Zainuddin Shimankhel. Since February, Shimankhel and tribal leader Turkistan Bittani have openly waged war against Mehsud, in S. Waziristan.
Thus the latest deception campaign of the new American administration, focused on driving the two feuding militants back together to create a common enemy instead of taking advantage of the natural split that was there, made possible by one Predator attack.
A recent series of news reports and interviews with militant leaders in early April confirmed Pakistani/American collaboration in these targeted killings of Taliban leaders.
In mid-March, the American military in Afghanistan flew a demonstration mission of a Predator drone along a stretch of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border to show the kind of imagery and communications information the Predator could provide. The Americans transmitted the information to a border coordination center near the Khyber Pass operated by American, Pakistani and Afghan personnel, and the information was sent through Pakistani security databases.
The test run went well enough that Pakistan subsequently requested a small number of additional Predator reconnaissance flights to support their operations in the border tribal areas.
But American officials said the requests for additional surveillance missions ended suddenly in early April.”
On one of those flights took place on Mar.13, when an unmanned US drone killed at least 12 people in Kurram district, associates of Mehsud’s brother. On 25 March 2009 seven were killed in the Makin area, Mehsud’s home town.
After these attacks, the collaboration suddenly ended in early April, after Taliban leader Maulvi Nazir gave an interview with As-Sahab on April 7, and the appearance of this article on April 10, which highlighted Nazeer’s charges that Pakistani Army sources had planted the homing devices on local militant leaders, which the Predator flights zeroed in on. On April 14, this article in the Lebanese Daily Star revealed that Amb. Holbrooke and Adm. Mullen had secretly met with Taliban leaders, one of them probably infamous Afghan leader and former sweetheart of the CIA, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
Today, the CIA is continuing to push the Pakistani government to the wall today with its provocative Predator and counter-insurgency attacks that drive the tribal militants to wage war in the Frontier Region, in order to force the ISI to change its ways. The ploy, that the US is waging war to eradicate its successful CIA operation to create a phantom militant army, a.k.a. “al Qaida” (which is allegedly giving orders to the Pakistani Taliban), is being used as a cover to force the ISI to reveal its own successful militant project, the “Taliban.” Regardless of American wishes to the contrary, Pakistan still has the option of negotiations with its own Taliban in Waziristan, even though has to wage war to eliminate the American “Taliban” from NWFP.
Pakistan has to choose to accept America’s point of view, that all Taliban are and were a project of the ISI, if it wants to obtain the windfall represented by the PEACE treaty. Pakistan has to agree to seriously fight total civil war against the Taliban, from Kashmir to Balochistan, if it is to receive the funds that the American warlords are dangling before them. Pakistan’s problems with militancy now all arose because of past mini-wars launched against their own people at Bush’s insistence. Obama is intent on taking it a step further than even Bush and Cheney dared to dream.
Pakistan has to seriously fight a war against the Taliban, pretending that they are fighting an imaginary “al Qaida” hierarchy which survived the Afghan war by fleeing to FATA and NWFP. Pakistan has to decimate its population with war and refugee problems, under American direction, in the pretense of fighting a military “force” that consists of no more than a token remnant; it is not any kind of “force” at all.
If the news leaking out is true, that the Pakistani Army is planning an offensive against Baitullah Mehsud in S. Waziristan next month, and it is not just more American propaganda, like the “failed state” “Taliban takeover” hysteria, then we will be witnessing a remarkable event in the history of dumb mistakes. If the Army folds under the pressure and opens a real civil war throughout the entire Frontier Region, then it will be sealing Pakistan’s fate to be dismembered and dominated. This is insane.
It has become apparent that regardless of what the Pakistani Army does, a major war escalation has been scheduled by the American military, beginning in June. The planned “surge” of possibly 24,000 troops, is just the start. The present commander of US forces in Afghanistan is being replaced with a specialist in counter-insurgency strategy, Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Reports on the Pentagon website,, reveal that a major “irregular warfare” air capability will be called on in June:
The new “Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund” has been created, with $400 million for Pakistan’s counter-insurgency needs for their escalation.
Pakistan’s leaders continue to go through this painfully slow dance to the death with their American employers, disrupting life in the tribal regions, pretending to be locked in to a battle to the death with a few thousand militants, while they prepare an all too real escalation of Obama/Bush’s war, all for the sake of maintaining the greater illusion of fighting “al Qaida.” Pakistan’s leaders are playing a very deadly game here with Obama, betting the survival of their precious nation that the United States warlords will blink first.
In order to gain access to the promised PEACE funds, Pakistan is ready to jump through any hoop. “PEACE” is a restraining pay-off, designed by full-time “friend of Israel” US Congressman, Howard Berman. His bill binds Pakistan to cut its own throat, by opening a full-scale civil war in its western regions, while simultaneously surrendering to India’s good intentions in the east, in exchange for billions. Israeli watchdog Berman is once again carrying water for the Zionist state, by enforcing the nuts and bolts of the public relations “course change” spelled-out recently by radical new spokesman Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman’s opinion, that “Pakistan is the greatest threat to the world,” is way out of character for Israel. Israel’s American allies in Congress are effectively taking the focused public eye away from Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the next anti-Islamic invasion of Iran. Berman’s PEACE bill is just like the “Iran war resolution” he co-authorized with fellow-traveller Rep. Ackermen. Like that bill which was nearly rammed through the last congress, it seeks to create a set of conditions in the Middle East region that will facilitate the commitment of US forces to new military actions against a major military power. Israel is desperately trying to rehabilitate its public image, which lay in ruins after attempting to exterminate a sizeable portion of the Palestinian population of Gaza.

Intensive US actions will begin in Pakistan next month, one way or another. Even if, by some miracle, Pakistan stood-up for its citizens and refused the PEACE pay-off, American military actions will be triggered when the Pakistani Army either fails to ignite civil war in S. Waziristan or fails to convince US leaders that they are sincerely locked in a land struggle to eliminate the Pakistani Taliban. The generals will not be able to fool American satellites without totally destroying the area under surveillance. Is this the process that is underway now in Buner and Swat, the leveling of the communities for the sake of the show?

The Pakistani Army leaders refuse to take the proper stand that would instantly correct the international opinion of the people and its leaders—tell the truth about the Taliban and “al Qaida.” Anything less than openly, in the press, revealing the complete dirty truth about the “epicenter of terror” created in your Frontier Region will NOT stay the executioner’s hand. Tell the world that “al Qaida” is an intelligence operation of the US government, which Pakistan’s secret service participated in. The Taliban is the product of a successful intelligence operation, while “al Q” is the operation. The CIA’s “mujahedeen” program created a lot of militant jihadis, among them, the Taliban, at least some of them. The camps and the radical madrassas were the mujahedeen program, the Taliban were some of the militants who graduated from that program in the late eighties and early nineties.

American military and civilian leaders should know the facts about “al Qaida” and the Taliban better than anyone else, but Gen. Petraeus, the highest military officer in the Nation, seems to be the head disinformer of the American and Pakistani people. Calling Pakistan the “nerve center” of al Qaeda’s global operations and “the headquarters of the al Qaeda senior leadership,” Petraeus built the case to the American people and their Congress for decimating the Pakistani population with war and refugeeism, using maximum possible force (overkill), for the sake of pursuing no more than a handful of foreign terrorists who could otherwise be captured by less destructive means. Petraeus couldn’t have risen to his high rank without knowing the truth about this vaporous enemy that Washington has chosen to stand-up for the sake of an arranged “fight.” He knows that there has never been an “al Qaida,” and that Osama bin Laden is long since dead.
In the following quote from the general, if you substituted the word CIA or agency for al Qaida, you would have an accurate statement on Pakistan’s terrorist problem:
‘There’s no question that Al Qaeda’s senior leadership has been there and has been in operation for years,’ said the general when asked if he knew where they were hiding. ‘We had to contend with its reach as it sought to facilitate the flow of foreign fighters, resources, explosives, leaders and expertise into Iraq, as you’ll recall, through Syria.
‘We see tentacles of Al Qaeda that connect to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen, the elements Al-Shabab in Somalia, elements in north central Africa, and that strive to reach all the way, of course, into Europe and into the United States.”
The “Islamist” jihadis who are spread throughout the named countries all have one thing in common, they are all driving their particular conflict country in America’s direction. They are steering their country’s fate on a course intended to provoke and justify American intervention and validate the concept that “Islamists” are murderous, radical cut-throats. They are all in energy producing states, or key countries on pipeline pathways.
In order for the great fiction known as the “war on terror” to continue, everyone has to agree to pretend that people like Gen. Petraeus and Barack Obama are telling the truth when they talk about the “great global threat,” that we like to call “al Qaida.” All of America’s leaders, just like all of Pakistan’s leaders know that there is no “al Qaida,” except in the minds of the great war planners and psy-operators.

There is an international network of spies and mercenary agents, but it is an arm of the CIA and Western intelligence agencies. This nameless network, dubbed “al Qaida” by Cheney and Bush, has operated out of western Pakistan for thirty years, where the CIA planted it. Created by Reagan and Bush’s father, the militant network is 100% “made in America.” Clinton used it as his secret army. Bush pretended that it was an Islamic organization, headed by a radical Saudi militant, Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden headed a second rate Arab terrorist outfit that was primarily concerned with removing the Americans from Islamic “holy lands” and freeing Palestine. The commander of one of the assassination units, Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has been nominated to be the new commanding general in Afghanistan.
The official history of “al Qaida” is told in the stories of one or two actual terrorists, Ramsey Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, whose terror attacks are attributed to “al Qaida,” even though, they were not members of “al Qaida” at the time of their attacks (and there was no organization by that name in existence until 1999-2000). Since their capture and the elimination of bin Laden’s actual outfit (Islamic Front for Jihad Against Crusaders and Jews”) in the mountains of Tora Bora, other shadowy groups, such as Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Obama and Petraeus, like the unfortunate Zardari and Kayani, are fully prepared to take military actions which will bring an end to both nations, as the New World Order of permanent limited war they help to usher in erases both nations. Perhaps there will be some homogenized version of Pakistan or America left after the conflagration lit by the suicidal nations subsides.

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Norvège , Islande et Azerbaidjan n'appratiennent pas à l'UE tout comme la Turquie ....

Norvège , Islande et Azerbaidjan n'appratiennent pas à l'UE tout comme
la Turquie !
Il faut donc TOUT FAIRE pour les " integrer " ......

En fait il y a deux choses ; Faire accepter l'idée au peuple que
l'islande, la Turquie etc sont parties intégrantes de leur quotidien de
façon détournée (la majorité des gens sont incapables de citer les pays
qui constituent l'Europe de toutes les facons)

La deuxièmeme chose, c'est que ce projet d'intégration dans la
perspective d'un autre but, n'est pas récent, c'est juste l'application
de projets décidés il y a plus d'un demi-siècle, notamment par le père
de la construction européenne et fondateur de la PanEurope, Richard de
Coudenhove Kalergi, qui, durant son discours de 1950, lors de la remise
du prix Charlemagne, insistait sur « Europe unie de l'Islande à la
Turquie comme de la Finlande au Portugal ».

Et si on prend l'actualité de janvier avec décryptage :

Le profond désaccord exprimé par Premier ministre turc, Recep Tayyip
Erdoôan, a été analysé comme une possible rupture d'alliance entre la
Turquie et Israël.

Rappelons qu'à l'occasion du World Economic Forum, tenu à Davos le 29
janvier 2009, le Premier ministre turc s'était vivement opposé à Shimon
Peres, le président d'Israël.

La réalité est que les responsables turcs et israéliens travaillent,
pour le moment, conjointement en vue du Nouvel Ordre Mondial.

En effet, des liens très forts unissent les deux pays comme par exemple
le passage du pipeline Bakou-Tbilissi-Ceyhan (BTC) sur le territoire turc.

En effet, ce pipeline est détenu à 20% par Israël.

Le BTC est le pipeline qui achemine du pétrole de la mer Caspienne
d'Azerbaïdjan jusqu'en Turquie par la Géorgie, plus précisément de Bakou
( Azerbaïdjan) à Ceyhan ( Turquie), en passant par Tbilissi, capitale de
la Géorgie.

La négociation de ce pipeline s'est faite dans les années 90 sous
l'administration Clinton, et par l'intermédiaire de l'américain Richard
Morningstar (qui était à l'époque le principal responsable de ces

En août 2008, Erdoelan a dit que a cette initiative s'inscrivait dans la
volonté plus large d'Ankara de contribuer à la paix au Proche-Orient A.
La « paix » est en effet un slogan bien pratique quand il s'agit en
réalité d'établir des accords économiques avec un Etat dont on prétend
ensuite dénoncer la politique génocidaire du peuple palestinien.

Même une analyse superficielle des intérêts économiques turc contredit
les déclarations spectaculaires d'Erdoban : Israël est l'un des pays non
européens avec qui la Turquie a le plus intensifié ses échanges
commerciaux depuis les années 1980.

Preuve en est : le volume de ces échanges est passé de 50 millions de
dollars en 1985 à 1,3 milliard de dollars en 2002.

Mais Recep Tayyip Erdoelan ne se limite pas à être un fidèle allié et
promoteurs des projets sionistes, il est également un des acteurs
prééminents du plan des mondialistes.

La Turquie fait partie des pays membres de l'Union pour la méditerranée
et tape des pieds et des mains pour intégrer l'Union européenne, avec
toutes les conséquences que cela entraînerait pour son territoire :

perte officielle de la souveraineté nationale et monétaire au profit de
l'instance supranationale, avec en prime la politique régionaliste des
instances mondialistes qui toucherait de plein fouet le pays avec
l'indépendance kurde qui ne manquerait pas d'être proclamée.

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères d'Erdoban, Ali Babacan, est le
négociateur en chef dans le cadre du processus d'accession à l'Union
européenne depuis 2005 ; ii a d'ailleurs représenté la Turquie durant le
sommet de l'Union Pour la Méditerranée.

Tous ces blocs continentaux (européens, méditerranéen, nord-américain,
sud américain, africain, etc.), standardisés et partageant tous les
mêmes règles et statuts, n'ont d'autre finalité que l'établissent d'un
gouvernement mondial.

Certains disent que les mondialistes occidentaux ne voudront jamais de
la Turquie au sein de l'Europe.

Cependant, N. Sarkozy a supprimé le référendum sur l'adhésion de la
Turquie ie 8 juillet 2008, cinq mois après la ratification du traité de
Lisbonne pourtant refusé par les Français en 2005 à hauteur de 55%,
malgré tout le consensus politique et médiatique en faveur du « OUI ».

On le comprend bien, cela laisse la porte grande ouverte à une adhésion
de la Turquie

Au-delà de ce que les apparences veulent donc faire croire, Erdoôan est
doublement lié aux groupes de réflexion mondialistes occultes, via la
présence de Ali Babacan à la réunion du Groupe Bilderberg en 2008, en
2007, en 2004 et en 2004.

Ces faits démontrent qu'Erdoôan est incontestablement lié au plan
mondialiste, au-delà même de sa relation privilégiée avec Israël à
travers le pipeline BTC.

Quel est alors la logique de ce show à Davos, qui voudrait faire croire
aux spectateurs crédules que le « courageux » Erdogan tient tête à
Shimon Peres, alors que la réalité ne cesse de démonter qu' il se trouve
être tout en à fait en phase avec les sionistes les plus puissants et
influents, tel David Rockefeller, qui est entre autres l'un des
fondateurs du Groupe Bilderberg, et qui construit avec d'autres
banquiers mondialistes le Nouvel « Ordre » Mondial ?

La relation du gouvernement Erdogan avec les mondialistes affairistes
s'inscrit dans la continuité d'un processus entamé au début du 20e
siècle avec la destruction du Califat Islamique, par les mêmes forces
occultes mondialistes.

A la tête de ce que l'on a appelé mensongèrement « l'indépendance turque
», il y avait le franc-maçon Mustapha Kemal, dit Ataturk (le « père » de
tous les Turcs), Chef des « Jeunes Turcs », et surtout membre de la loge
maçonnique italienne « Macedonia Resortae Ventas ».

Ceux qui pensent que le Premier ministre Erdotian et son parti - l'AKP -
œuvrent pour les intérêts de l'Islam, des musulmans et du monde libre
font fausse route.

Sur le fond, les mondialistes son en plein accord sur le projet global.

Les divergences ne portent que sur la forme : d'un coté, la branche
néo-libérale unipolaire avec toute son arrogance (Sarkozy, Berlusconi et
Rockefeller notamment) et, de l'autre, la branche multipolaire (Erdogan,
Chavez, Chirac et Poutine notamment).

Cela à été parfaitement résumé par le président turc Abdullah GUI au
journal britannique The Guardian, le 16 août 2008: « les Américains
doivent partager le pouvoir dans le nouvel ordre mondial »4.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iceland : Vast energy reserves and CIA

Iceland appears to have vast oil and gas reserves in the Arctic.

Iceland is in a strategically important position.

Most Icelanders have, in the past, opposed getting tied up with the European Community and NATO.

Iceland has no standing army.

In 2002-03, Iceland’s three major banks were privatized 'in a series of insider dealings'.

These banks then went under 'owing nearly $100 billions.'

In April 2009, Iceland's election was won by the 'centre-left' which wants to join the European Community.

Professor Michael Hudson, at Global Research, on 29 April 2009, wrote:

In the Wake of Economic Collapse. Iceland’s Election: It’s not about Left and Right

Among the points made:

1. The election in Iceland, in April 2009, was not about 'right' versus 'left'.

It was largely about reckless banks.

The neoliberals wanted banks privatised; crooks were able to wreck the financial system.

2. Some voters want Iceland to join the European Community in order to get a more stable currency (the euro).

If Iceland joins the EC it will most likely lose control over its North Atlantic fishing waters and its taxes will most likely rise.

3. Iceland is a small country and may be ripe for plucking.

For many voters the idea of joining the European Union is 'an attractive fantasy'.

Reykjavík by Wurzeller

4. The alternative is for Iceland to change its bank rules and 'reverse the giveaways made in times past to politically connected insiders.'

5. Countries such as Romania and Bulgaria voted to join the EU in the early 1990s.

The EU leadership apparently turned a blind eye to 'the Soviet-style kleptocrats who dominated these economies'.

6. The case of Latvia and its Baltic neighbors 'is instructive'

Much like Iceland, they were burdened with mortgage debts denominated in foreign currency.

Joaqim Almunia of the European Commission, in a letter of 26 January2009, to Latvia’s Prime Minister, spelt out the terms on which Europe would bail out the foreign banks operating in Latvia – at Latvia’s own expense.

He was clear that Latvia was not to use EU loans to develop its economy or to lighten the tax burden, but only to pay off debts to its creditors in the West (mainly Scandinavian banks) and to buy imports from them.

This leaves Latvia 'in much the position of a nation defeated in war and having to pay reparations.'

7. "Instead of helping the post-Soviet nations develop self-reliant economies, the West viewed them as economic oysters to be broken up, indebting them to extract interest charges and capital gains, leaving them empty shells."

Iceland might end up replacing "a domestic kleptocracy with foreign economic occupiers."

8. "The failure of EU tutelage in the Baltics and Central Europe suggests that Iceland would do best to set about solving its own problems, pursuing its national interest while cleaning up the residue from its disastrous neoliberal experiment."


Reportedly, Iceland borrowed too much money.

Might someone have wanted to weaken Iceland and make it easier to control?

1. In 2005, Icelandic media reports alleged that CIA planes had landed in Iceland at least 67 times since 2001. (BBC - Nordic states probe 'CIA flights')

2. Bobby Fischer arrived in Iceland in March 2005.

Bobby Fischer "spent his final years raging against an Icelandic bank and 'the filthy dirty CIA-controlled Icelandic government'". (Cached)

3. According to The Reykjavik Grapevine:

In a 9 page classified CIA document called “Current Situation in Iceland” published 18 October 1949 and declassified 23 January 1978, the CIA makes political observations regarding security, the communist threat and the economic status of the country:

Icelanders are opposed to the establishment of foreign military bases on their island in time of peace, but would probably be willing to receive NATO forces if war or the threat of war made Iceland’s involvement seem imminent.

“Solely because of its strategic location, Iceland has been drawn into the current of world affairs, albeit unwillingly and hesitantly. Icelanders desire only to be left alone, but it is as clear to them as to others that their island will not be left alone in war; perhaps not even in peace."

4. 21 August 2008: "Iceland is to join the growing rush of countries aiming to tap into the potentially vast oil and gas reserves of the Arctic. Reykjavik is hoping to attract investment from some of the world's biggest oil companies as it finalises the terms for its first offshore licences." (Iceland to offer offshore drilling licences in race for Arctic's ...)

Drilling licences for big untapped oilfields that Iceland shares with Norway were last month offered to prospectors and oil companies. US and Russian companies are sure to be interested. (Nato fears as Iceland turns to Moscow for £3bn loan Mail Online)

5. Jon Asgeir Johannesson ... "there were wild allegations in a Miami courtroom in 2003 about exotic parties on a yacht." (Business big shot: Jon Asgeir Johannesson - Times Online)

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Paris Dilemma Over Security at Electricite de France

Paris Dilemma Over Security at Electricite de France

Accusations of spying on Greenpeace have led to the suspension of two of EDF’s security executives. However, the group can’t turn a blind eye to movements that oppose it.

Regardless of how it organizes its security service in future, France’s EDF group can’t overlook the critical function carried out at present by Pierre-Paul Francois (under formal investigation) and his immediate superior, former retired rear-admiral Pascal Durieux (a material witness in the case). Assigned to the security service of the group’s nuclear production division, the two have top secret government security clearance and their job consists mainly of preventing leaks of classified data. It was in that framework that they retained the services of Kargus Consultant headed by Thierry Lohro (also under investigation) to keep an eye on anti-nuclear movements. EDF has long monitored the NGO’s and other groups opposed to its business. Already in 1999, a Security Mission at the group’s industry center in the Paris suburb of St. Ouen was tasked with infiltrating eco-terrorist groups and building up a data base on anti-nuclear NGO’s and associations, as well as keeping tabs on the most outspoken members of unions. Headed at the time by a former director of a Nuclear Power Production Center, it employed a former commando from the 17th Regiment du Genie Parachutiste and an ex-gendarme who had headed an intelligence unit. The latter was also asked to see to the physical protection of nuclear installations. The unit was downgraded following the arrival of a new security boss of the group in 1999, Dominique Spinosi, who also retained a private strategy consultancy to conduct an audit of EDF’s security set-up. EDF’s current business intelligence unit, now under the orders of the group’s risk management director Pierre Beroux, was created as part of Spinosi’s department. Spinosi was replaced in 2007 by Jean-Marc Sabathe.



Is there a battle for control of the Mexican drugs trade?

Will the swine flu allow the CIA to increase its influence in Mexico?

In 2008, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker wrote (CIA Drug Planes Part of Massive 50-Plane Deal ):

"Two American-registered airplanes with clear ties to the U.S. Government - a DC9 airliner (N900SA) painted to resemble an airplane from the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, and a Gulfstream business jet (N987SA) formerly used by the CIA for renditions - were busted in Mexico 18 months apart carrying multi-ton loads of cocaine."

'Plan Mexico' is supposed to be about the USA helping Mexico to stamp out narcotics.

However, some journalists believe that 'Plan Mexico' is designed by the CIA to eliminate its competition in the over 30 billion a year drug business. ("Plan Mexico" and the CIA )

Plan Mexico lines "the pockets of American defense contractors while putting both political dissidents and ordinary Mexican civilians at risk...

"The initiative would ignore the US's own involvement in the transport and sale of drugs." (t r u t h o u t Plan Mexico )

The Mexican press reports that the CIA works with the Russian Mafia to import opium and heroin into the USA.

Photo by Jay Peepls

Former DEA Agent Celerino Castillo III testified that the CIA and the Nicaraguan Contras were smuggling cocaine from Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador. The smugglers were using the same pilots and planes that the CIA and Lt. Col. Oliver North used for the covert supply operation to the Contra mercenaries. ("Plan Mexico" and the CIA )

Before Chavez, the CIA, along with elements of the Venezuelan National Guard, were allegedly importing cocaine into the USA through Miami. The testimonies on this were given by the then head of the DEA Robert Bonner and the then DEA Agent in Charge in Caracas Anabel Grimm. ("Plan Mexico" and the CIA )

Jorge Cabrera, reportedly a drug dealer, with Hilary Clinton.

Are top people in the USA involved in the Mexican drugs business?

In the year 2000, Peter Dale Scott wrote (Overview: The CIA, the Drug Traffic, and Oswald in Mexico ):

"Informed observers of American politics have more than once commented to me that most of the hundred wealthiest people in the US know each other, and in addition often have connections to both the CIA and to organized crime.

"There is no shortage of anecdotal examples: James Angleton of CIA Counterintelligence delivering the sole eulogy at the small private funeral of Howard Hughes, or Joseph Kennedy Sr. being a point-holder in the same casino (the Cal-Neva) as Sam Giancana.[6]

"More relevant to the milieu of the JFK assassination is the example of Clint Murchison, Sr. Murchison paid for the horse-racing holidays of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover at the same time as he sold stakes in his investments to mob figures like Jerry Catena, and enjoyed political influence in Mexico.[7]"

Heroin Flows

Is Mexico to become another Iraq or Afghanistan?

"U.S. officials tell ABC News that President Obama has been told the Mexican cartels have become a criminal insurgency, threatening to turn Mexico into an Iraq or Afghanistan." (Mexico: The Next Iraq or Afghanistan? - ABC News )

According to Michel Chossudovsky, writing about AFGHANISTAN (The Spoils of War:Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade ...):

"Heroin is a multibillion dollar business supported by powerful interests, which requires a steady and secure commodity flow.

"One of the 'hidden' objectives of the war was precisely to restore the CIA sponsored drug trade to its historical levels and exert direct control over the drug routes.

"Immediately following the October 2001 invasion, opium markets were restored. Opium prices spiraled. By early 2002, the opium price (in dollars/kg) was almost 10 times higher than in 2000.

"In 2001, under the Taliban opiate production stood at 185 tons, increasing to 3400 tons in 2002 under the US sponsored puppet regime of President Hamid Karzai."

Sir Roy Anderson

But should we be worried about Swine Flu?

In the UK, the 'spooky' Sir Roy Anderson, a British 'expert' on epidemiology, has told the BBC that Swine Flu is a real problem.

Anderson left the University of Oxford after a unanimous vote of no confidence in him by the Department of Zoology.[2]

This also prompted his resignation in May 2000, from the Wellcome Trust where he had been a Trustee (then a Governor) for nearly 10 years.[3]

Roy Anderson was one of the most prominent scientists who advised the UK Government on the handling of the Foot and Mouth control policy in 2001, a policy that culminated in the destruction of around six million UK cattle.

He was Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Ministry of Defence from October 2004 to September 2007.