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Syria US relations....while US diplomats babble, CIA still runs the show, in and from Damascus...

Syria US relations....while US diplomats babble, CIA still runs the show in and from... Damascus...keeping the State department at bay....and far away from the ongoing and infamous White House Murder INC, headed by Asef Shawkat in Damascus.

Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity... But silence is impossible... Silence screams... Silence is a message, just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out & resonate in every word & every deed. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message. In the Spirit of HK....Elie HOBEIKA, a Lebanese Nationalist and a Hero.

Cornering one aspect related to the Jewish "Lobby"....

The power behind the power in USA and their favorite sweet heart deal with "Court Jews", AIPAC and the "Lobby" as a whole....

It's the US Government agencies who are most benefiting from the arrangement with the "Lobby" and its "Court Jews"...always has, always will...until something BIG Gives somewhere...but there is no sign of that YET...we are still in a Honeymoon phase as far as I can see.... But, depending on how "revolutions" go in MENA and beyond....we might witness some changes to that sweet heart deal....

In the world of CIA, the playbook never seems to change...

AIPAC, JINSA and all other "Court Jewish" PACs and ORGs. are a convenient Cover for CIA, NSA, DIA, NRO, FBI, DEA, and all the other 18 US Intelligence agencies to hide behind...Hence no need to do any significant disclosures to Congress or its Intelligence Committees about any significant covert activities or extra-judicial operations spanning decades. The only exceptions, which won't be repeated anytime soon, were BCCI or Iran-Contra, to name a few ...

AIPAC is a perfect "cover", it gives overwhelming control of Congress to CIA without having to move a finger...and to Hell with the Foreign Policies of Foggy Bottom or any Justice for Palestinians, Lebanese, or Freedom, the rule of law, good governance and Democracy in faraway places...

AIPAC & Co. and all the other 18 US Intelligence agencies are priceless for CIA, and the Middle East can go to Hell as far as they are concerned, and that has been proven to be the case since the 1960s!

AIPAC, Jstreet, Jinsa, WINEP, their coteries etc. and all the NGOs, NED, Freedom House, USAID or the likes, work hand in hand with CIA and their Israeli counterparts everywhere... The world is changing fast. Will that change the equation described here above???

History has always had a soft spot for the political couple: Anthony
and Cleopatra, Bill and Hillary, and, of course, that odd-couple of
American political consulting James Carville and Mary Matalin. Yet
what is one to make of the oddest couple of all: Joachim Martillo
(a.k.a. Juan Carlo Santos Martillo Ajami) and Karin Friedemann (a.k.a.
Karin Maria Friedemann-Hussain, a.k.a. Maria Hussain).

The name Karin Friedemann (without the aliases) may ring a bell to
readers of the Somerville Journal. On May 5, she wrote a standout
letter to the editor supporting divestment that included the following

"Soon after the governor of New Jersey invested all of his state
employees' 401K plans in Israel, it was revealed that the governor was
being poked from behind by an Israeli agent."

For anyone unfamiliar with the reference, Friedemann was talking about
the former governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey, who recently
resigned due to a scandal involving his closeted homosexuality. The
401K accusation is total nonsense, and simply used as a hook for a
homophobic slur directed at McGreevey's male lover (who was Israeli).

Lest anyone think Friedemann's anti-gay crack was an inadvertent slip
of the tongue, here is what this outspoken woman and convert to Islam
(under one of her many pseudonyms Maria Hussain) had to say about
Islam, feminism and homosexuality in an article entitled "Observations
on the Palestinian Solidarity Conference":

"Muslims ... are not seeking peace. We get peace from Allah. In
Palestine, we will stop only at victory, which will be, inshaAllah, in
the end, a just implementation of Islamic religion. We have to guard
against the Palestine movement being represented primarily by
homosexuals and feminists."

Karin/Maria's involvement in the Somerville Divestment Project has
been both clear and long term. In an October, 2004 communication with
her comrades, Freiedmann/Hussain was in a near panic when the city's
aldermen decided to make the SDP's activities known to the public:

"the remaining Alderman threw us for a loop by insisting that 'the
other side' be allowed to speak ... before letting the vote go

Needless to say, her fear was justified given how their movement
shriveled to dust once it's activities was exposed to the light of

If Friedemann/Hussain, whose writing appears on various Islamist and
anti-Jewish Web sites (including former KKK head David Duke's white
supremacist publication is a strange one, she
has nothing on al Jezeera's favorite "scholar" of Jewish history and
anthropology, Joachim Martillo.

In addition to his many activities on various hate publications such
as, Martillo has also been featured prominently
on the Somerville Divestment Project's Web site which features a
telling little essay in it's Counterpoints Section titled "How to Talk
About Zionism: The New Improved Guide" which includes the following
over-the-top talking point:

"...Zionist propaganda reinterprets the Ashkenazi ethnic group as the
pan-Judaic ethnonational group in order to make a ridiculous
primordialist claim to Palestine just as German Nazi propaganda
equated modern Germans to ancient Teutonic and Gothic tribes in order
to claim that only pure Germans had a right to reside in German

If the bizarre ethno-history and discussion of "promordialism" causes
a few blank stares, Martillo (and, one presumes, the SDP which has
posted his "analysis") is struggling with the same problem faced by
right-wing Jew haters who also fancy themselves religious Christians:
how to continue to revere the Jews of the Old Testament (which they
embrace) while leaving room to despise the Jews living amongst us
today. Their solution is a witches brew of religion and ideology
called "Identify Christianity" that claims the Jews of today have
nothing to do with the Jews of the Old Testament, but are in fact
descendents of Eastern European tribes called the Khazars who embraced
Judaism centuries ago (much as the Slavs converted to Orthodox

Middle Eastern nations and political movements that define themselves
in opposition to the Jewish state face a similar problem: how to
negate Israel's claim to being the historic homeland to the Jewish
people, despite the chronicles of Old Testament prophets whom many
Muslims also claim to revere. Their solution has been to import themes
of Identity Christianity, mixed with claims that the Palestinians are
not, in fact, Arabs (and thus recent conquerors of the region), but
are actually descendents of the Philistines whose claim to the region
pre-dates both modern and ancient Jewish history.

Into this maelstrom comes Joachim Martillo with his own wacked-out
analysis of Ashkenazi and "primordialism," pseudo-scholarship embraced
only by the Jew-hating fringes of the far Right and Left (which
clearly includes the Somerville Divestment Project).

In compiling research on these two activists in the local divestment
movement, a friend discovered this happy (if odd) wedding

"On July 1, 2004, Joachim Martillo and the former Maria Hussain joined
forces a match made in heaven..."

While one could make jokes about which set of pseudonyms the happy
couple used to give their vows, or explore the bizarre conversations
that must take place at their dinner table, I am more struck at how
this marriage of an Islamic hater of Jews and gays and a pseudo-
scholarly negator of Jewish history reflects trends in anti-Israel
political history generally, and the Somerville Divestment Project in

This site has already noted the degeneration of tactics and discourse
of the divestment movement as it moved from lobbying Somerville's
alderman last year to pushing for a ballot initiative in 2005.
Friedemann's screed in the Somerville Journal combined with Martillo's
race-baiting "Guide" on the SDP Web site only confirms what I've
suspected about the movement's move to ideology so extreme that even
the most smothering blanket of human-rights vocabulary cannot obscure
it's true nature.

Another ingredient in this mix is an organization called One Palestine
whose members (not including one who was recently deported to Jordan)
moved into high positions within the SDP after last year's defeat. As
the name implies, members of One Palestine are not particularly
interested in a two-state solution, or any other elements of a peace
process that does not give Arabs exclusive possession of the entire
region, from the River to the Sea. Like the SDP (whose favorite
scholar Joachim Martillo once wrote to a friend of mine that "The only
downside to Palestinian terrorism is the death of the Palestinian
attacker."), One Palestine does not have any moral dilemmas about
blowing up children in a Jerusalem Pizzeria as a legitimate political
tactic. And, like the SDP, their attempt to cloud the air with the
progressive language of human rights cannot camouflage their true

Having spent time in the hothouses of Internet debate in the years
before I hung up my keyboard and started raising children, this cast
of characters (the religious spewer of anti-Jewish and anti-gay hate;
the pretentious, aging Ivy League grad who has learned the format of
scholarship, but none of its substance or integrity; the hypocritical
"human rights" supporter of terror) are all familiar to me.

The trouble is, when divestment was allowed through the door last
year, this freak show moved from virtual reality to the pages of my
weekly newspaper and into my neighborhood. While I never felt
resentment towards Somerville's political leaders who allowed
themselves to be manipulated and thus let this circus commence, I
would hope that all those who thought they were battling simply for
human rights in last year's debate would now would turn left and
right, look at just whom they are being asked to embrace, and get the
toxin of divestment out of Somerville's bloodstream for good.

Stories Jews Were Told:
Israel, Zionism, and Palestine
by Donna Nevel

What is the story American Jews have been told about Israel and Zionism,
and how does it differ from the reality of what happened in Palestine?
Like many American Jews, I was told by my teachers at Hebrew School and
in the Jewish Day School I attended that the creation of Israel meant
that Jews would never again have to live through another Holocaust.
That slogan, "Never Again," popularized by the notorious Jewish Defense
League, reverberated throughout the Jewish community. As part of the
story, I learned that Arabs, like the Germans, hated Jews and wanted to
destroy us. They were our enemies. The refrain, "they want to throw us
into the sea," was etched into my consciousness. I was told that they
-- the amorphous they -- didn't value human life and were not like us.
The process of dehumanization wasn't subtle.

I learned about the Zionist dream, of deserts blooming, of our people, a
third of whom had been murdered, able, at long last, to live freely and
fully in our own homeland. I learned a variation of "a land without a
people for a people without a land." And when I studied Zionism more
seriously in college and afterwards, I learned a new variation of that
refrain -- that, in fact, people were living there, but they were
peasants, wanderers, who did not have a cultural or national identity.
In other words, they weren't really a people so could easily integrate
as a minority into the new Jewish state.

At home, I learned about Zionism and Israel without the hateful
rhetoric. I grew up in a home imbued with Jewish culture and rooted in
Jewish experience -- "Yiddishkeit" -- with parents who were civil and
human rights activists and were extraordinarily ethical people. I
learned Jewish history and to be proud of who I was without adhering to
the concept of the "chosen people." Because my father served as an
assistant to Jewish leader Rabbi Stephen Wise, who had trusted President
Roosevelt to take action to save the Jews, I grew up hearing stories
about the ways the U.S. government failed to rescue Jews and how Israel
would be the safe haven that Jews desperately needed. I learned about
struggles for self-determination and about Israel as the national
liberation movement of the Jewish people.

But, regardless of the tone or intention, this story that I and so many
Jews accepted as a given was fundamentally flawed. That is, the story
failed to include that, as Jews were migrating to Palestine to fulfill
the Zionist dream, Palestinians were already living there, and, yes,
they identified as a people with cultural and national identities and
aspirations. And overwhelmingly and profoundly different from the
Zionist dream, the Palestinians' expression of their cultural and
national aspirations was being fulfilled in their homeland and didn't
require displacing another people. But this reality did not become part
of the Hebrew school curriculum or make it into the American Jewish
psyche. This part of the story simply wasn't being acknowledged or told.

Today, when American Jews look at the Israeli massacre in Gaza and the
occupation, and hear that, according to the Israeli government and
American Jewish establishment, the Palestinians and Hamas want to
destroy Israel, how can we forget that it was the Zionist movement that
came and took over another people's homes and land? How can American
Jews not understand the Palestinian yearning for their homeland,
particularly a homeland that was taken from them by force?

Any discussion among American Jews of Israel and Palestine requires us
to push ourselves as a community to reflect on our history and on the
story many of us blindly digested; it requires us to understand that the
current massacre grows out of a long history of dehumanization of a
people and denial of their national rights in the land of Palestine.
Understanding that reality -- that is, re-telling the story to include
the impact of Zionism on the Palestinian people -- doesn't minimize or
ignore the horror of the Holocaust or our commitment to insuring that it
never happens again to Jews or to anyone else. Rather, the memory of
those who perished in the Holocaust is best honored by our involvement,
as Jews, in speaking the truth and participating in movements for
justice that insure the right of the Palestinians and all peoples to
live with dignity.

Donna Nevel, a community psychologist, is a long-time organizer for
Israeli-Palestinian peace and justice. She was a co-coordinator of
1989's Road to Peace conference, which brought together representatives
of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israeli Knesset
(Parliament) for the first time in the United States.


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