Monday, February 16, 2009

The war criminal, pro-Zionist Western backers of Apartheid Israel and the ICC.

The war criminal, pro-Zionist Western backers of Apartheid Israel and the ICC...where is the Belgian Law you creeps...????
Talking about "State of Deception: The Power of ZIONazi lies and Propaganda"

There is a Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. The Holocaust was one of the worst crimes of the 20th century, with six million Jews killed. However, having this museum in the US capital is unusual, since Americans are neither the murderers nor the victims. Therefore, such museums must logically be built in Germany or Israel....

Those who were behind the museum in Washington certainly have arguments to defend its construction there. We could probably use this logic and suggest the building near the Holocaust Memorial Museum of a museum for the victims of Israeli wars since before the establishment of Israel, including Deir Yassin, Qibya, Khan Younes, Jenin and Qana, as well as the Egyptian prisoners of war who were killed in 1967. This is in addition to Gaza in the past and today, Kfar Qassem, Qalqilya, Sabra and Shatila, the Gaza Strip once more, as well as any upcoming massacre - since Israel is bound to commit massacres in the future, just like it did in the past and is doing in the present.

I would not have evoked the Holocaust Museum today had it not been hosting "State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda", a major exhibition about propaganda that runs through Anti-Semitism since WWI. It highlights the prevalence of Nazism in Germany in the 1930s, Hitler and Goebbels's rousing of crowds amid Nazi flags and Anti-Jewish logos, the manner people were deceived, and Nazi soldiers were "programmed" to commit heinous crimes.

I read about this exhibition, which can be seen through 2011, after I had finished writing two articles about the apologists for the crimes Israel committed in its war on the Gaza Strip. I came across strange similarities among the propagandas of the Nazis, Israel, and the lobby that defends it around the world - particularly in the US. However, I noted that the victims this time were by the thousands rather than millions.

Israel is committing Nazi crimes against a population under occupation. Everyone who defends it is another "Goebbels" with children's blood on his hands. When I read what Israeli apologists write, I only publish a tip of the extremism iceberg. Even then I feel that I burden readers and that I'm the only one who cares for this subject. Although I'm aware there are many others like me, I feel that we are talking to the dead.

When I was gathering material to write about Israel and its mob, I did not want to publish more than one article. However, I ended up gathering considerable material, which, although it was more than what was worth mentioning, led me to write two articles. Then I read about the exhibition in the Holocaust Museum, hence today's column.
There is a "Goebbelsian" insolence in pro-Israelis' defense of a crime perpetrated live on TV. In an article called "Indicting Israel for Self-Defense," David Hornik objects to the attempts at accusing Israel of committing war crimes. This means that killing women children in an occupied land is considered to be an act of defense, and it is obvious that Hornik supports it.

As I said in my two previous articles, there is exaggeration in the apologists' manifesto. In "Kristallnacht in Venezuela?" for instance, Kathy Shaidle goes back to 1938 and the Nazi attack on Jews, which involved the destruction of their shops and their killing. And yet, all what happened in Venezuela is that President Hugo Chavez had compared between the war on Gaza and the Holocaust (this is his right) and expelled the Israeli ambassador Shlomo Cohen as a form of protest against the Israeli aggression - which is what some Arabs failed to do. Is this a "broken kristallnacht" (crystal night) or is the night actually nights during which Israel destroyed the Gaza Strip and shattered glass everywhere, even in children's nurseries?

I have much material but not much space. I will conclude with a rectification: I received an email from Claude Salhani saying that the Middle East Times (of which he is the editor-in-chief) is not Jewish as I had dubbed it in my first article. I accept his refutation and make note of it. I described the newspaper as such because the article it published was exactly like the type of articles published by Israeli apologists. It contained unacceptable and incorrect accusations about the "disturbing" expansion of Hezbollah in Latin America based on drug money. The article even stated that Al Qaeda and Hezbollah have connections with drug cartels in Latin America, hence linking the terrorist Al Qaeda with Hezbollah, a national liberation movement. It also discussed crime and drug trafficking networks and a connection with Islamic terrorism.

This and more is demeaning Israeli talk that is full of lies and completely unacceptable. Since, as Salhani says, the Middle East Times is not Jewish, I advise him to better monitor the publication and refrain from writing in Front Page Magazine, the new "Goebbelsian" magazine, which is one of the worst enemies of Arabs and Muslims.

The horrendous mortality and morbidity statistics revealed by the paper "The
Wounds of Gaza", just published in the prestigious medical journal The
Lancet are truly shocking - 1,350 killed (60% children) and 5,450 severely
wounded (40% children) in reprisals for zero (0) Israeli deaths from Gaza
rockets in the preceding year. This demands International Criminal Court and
intra-national prosecutions (e.g. in major Israeli military R & R
destination countries Australia, the US, the UK and India) and Sanctions and
Boycotts against Apartheid Israel by all decent Australians and indeed all
decent people around the world.
The Gaza Strip is a self-governing Apartheid Israeli Concentration Camp
ruled by the Hamas Government which won 76 out of 132 seats in the Occupied
Palestinian Parliamentary elections held under Israeli guns in 2006 (Fatah
won 43 seats) (see: ). The Israelis
responded by arresting as many Hamas MPs as they could find, the remainder
fleeing to Gaza. In the current Israeli Gaza Massacre, the Israelis are
evidently bent on "finishing the job" (they have already destroyed the Gaza
Parliament House). The war criminal, pro-Zionist Western backers of
Apartheid Israel followed suit by declaring the democratically elected Hamas
MPs to be "terrorists" and only dealing with the Fatah.

Under the loathed, Nazi-style, racist Apartheid régime in South Africa its
Bantustans were policed by police and the worst atrocity was the 1960
Sharpeville Massacre in which South African police killed 69 African
protesters (see: ) - "The
official figure is that 69 people were killed, including 8 women and 10
children, and over 180 injured, including 31 women and 19 children".

Gaza - what the Catholic Church via Vatican justice and peace minister
Cardinal Renato Martino and leading US conservative Pat Buchanan both call
an Israeli-guarded Gaza Concentration Camp (see:,25197,24888817-15084,00.html
and ) - remains under blockade
and under dire threat of further Israeli atrocities, this latest atrocity
involving 1,350 Palestinians killed in asserted reprisals for zero (0)
Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year and 28 Israeli deaths
from Gaza missiles in the preceding 8.25 years, this latter statistic
yielding an "annual homicide rate" in "persons killed per million of
population" of 0.5 (Israelis killed by Gaza missiles) - as compared to 0.5
(rapist husbands killed by raped wives), 1.0 (violent husbands killed by
battered wives), 15 (Israelis by Israelis), 56 (Americans), 100 (Americans
by guns), 164 (Palestinians killed violently by Israelis), 200
(African-Americans), 473 (citizens of Detroit, Michigan, USA) and 902 per
million per year (annual Palestinian non-violent deaths through war
criminal, Geneva Convention-violating Israeli-imposed deprivation) (see Dr
Gideon Polya, "Palestinian-Israeli Death Ratios . Nazi-style Israeli Gaza
War Crimes": ).

However the numerically vastly greater Israel atrocity lies in the avoidable
deaths (excess deaths) in the Occupied Palestinian Territory due to
Occupier refusal to supply life-sustaining food, medicine and medical
services to its conquered subjects "to the fullest extent of the means
available to it", as unequivocally demanded by Articles 55 and 56 of the
Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of
War (see: ).

3,000 under-5 year old Occupied Palestinian infants die every year (about
80% avoidably), this corresponding to 3,000/ 0.7 = 4,286 total avoidable
deaths annually (see "Layperson's Guide to Counting Iraq Deaths": ), and 4,286 x 8.25 = 35,360
non-violent Occupied Palestinian deaths since September 2000, in addition to
the 6,200 violent Occupied Palestinian deaths at the hands of Apartheid
Israelis in this period.

In the period 1967-2009 in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, post-invasion
non-violent excess deaths totaled 0.3 million; post-invasion violent deaths
at the hands of Israelis totaled about 10,000; post-invasion under-5 infant
deaths totaled about 0.2 million; there are over 7 million Palestinian
refugees (4.3 million registered with the UN) - a Palestinian Holocaust and
a Palestinian Genocide as defined by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention
(see: ).

Here are some shocking statistics from this report published in one of the
World's top medical journals, The Lancet (see: ), quote: "The
wounds of Gaza are deep and multi-layered. Are we talking about the Khan
Younis massacre of 5,000 in 1956 or the execution of 35,000 prisoners of
war by Israel in 1967? Yet more wounds of the First Intifada, when civil
disobedience by an occupied people against the occupiers resulted in massive
wounded and hundreds dead? We also cannot discount the 5,420 wounded in
southern Gaza alone since 2000. Hence what we are referring to below are
only that of the invasion as of 27 December 2008.

Over the period of 27 December 2008 to the ceasefire of 18 Jan 2009, it was
estimated that a million and a half tons of explosives were dropped on Gaza
Strip. Gaza is 25 miles by 5 miles and home to 1.5 million people. This
makes it the most crowded area in the whole world. Prior to this Gaza has
been completely blockaded and starved for 50 days. In fact since the
Palestinian election Gaza has been under total or partial blockade for
several years....

Death toll

As of 25 January 2009, the death toll was estimated at 1,350 with the
numbers increasing daily. This is due to the severely wounded continuing to
die in hospitals. 60% of those killed were children.

Severe injuries

The severely injured numbered 5,450, with 40% being children. These are
mainly large burns and polytrauma patients." End quote.

While in the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre the South African police used
handguns, the weapons used by Israelis on its Gaza Concentration Camp in
2008-2009 included phosphorus bombs (inflicts horrendous burns), heavy bombs
including depleted uranium and DIME bombs (limb-slicing dense inert material
explosives), fuel air explosives (bunker busters and implosion bombs),
silent bombs (a new particle weapon?) and "conventional" automatic handguns
(that were also used in documented executions of Gaza civilians ordered out
of their homes by Israeli troops).

These atrocities demand (1) direct UN military intervention armed with
already-passed UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions; (2)
intra-national and inter-national Sanctions and Boycotts against Israel, its
Zionist or pro-Zionist backers in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU and
Australia and indeed against all the countries backing Israel; and (3)
arrest and trial before the International Criminal Court (ICC) of all
complicit Israeli politicians, officials and military wherever they can be
apprehended throughout the world.

One of the best-known Jewish scholars in the world today, Professor Jared
Diamond, in his best-selling book "Collapse (Prologue, p10, Penguin edition)
enunciated the "moral principle, namely that it is morally wrong for one
people to dispossess, subjugate, or exterminate another people" - an
injunction grossly violated by Israel.

Further, "zero tolerance for racism", "never again to anyone" and "bear
witness" are the fundamental, moral messages from the Jewish Holocaust (5-6
million dead, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation), the World War 2 Holocaust in
general (30 million Slav, Jewish and Roma dead) and the World War 2 Eastern
Theatre Holocaust (35 million Chinese dead under Japanese occupation and 6-7
million Indians starved to death by the British in the man-made 1943-1945
Bengal Famine - for details of the latter "forgotten" Bengali Holocaust see
the BBC broadcast in which I participated together with 1998 Economics Nobel
Laureate Professor Amartya Sen, Harvard University, medical historian Dr
Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Welcome Institute, University College London, and
other scholars: ; see also
"Media lying over Churchill's crimes. British-Indian Holocaust": ).

These fundamental moral injunctions from the Jewish Holocaust and the World
War 2 Holocaust in general of "zero tolerance for racism", "never again to
anyone" and "bear witness" are also being grossly violated by the Zionists
running Israel and their racist, genocidal US Alliance backers..

If the World unjustly continues to accept that after 40 years of Israeli
Occupation it is "right" for 4 million Occupied Palestinians (50% children,
75% women and children) to continue to be subject to highly abusive,
race-based mass imprisonment without charge or trial then it should at least
urgently insist that they should be Occupied immediately by a Civilized
Country e.g. by a peace-keeping force from a Civilized Country such as
Costa Rica (no army), Switzerland (neutral country) or Fiji (distinguished
record of participation in peace-keeping) with International and US
Guarantees of territorial integrity and total airport level security for
Nazi-style, Zionist, Apartheid Israel.