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The English and American secret services were backing Islamic militants in Inguishetia as a way to bring down Russia just as the Soviet Union was ....

UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION 63/162, and the Preservation of Historic Truth ....

"‘the English and American secret services were backing Islamic militants in Inguishetia as a way to bring down Russia just as the Soviet Union was brought down...’”

By Carla Stea, WMR’s United Nations Correspondent

March 6, 2009

United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockman delivered an address on January 27, 2009, on the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. Point 4 of his presentation is particularly noteworthy. He stated: “The Nazi-perpetrated Holocaust took place in what was perceived to be one of the most sophisticated societies on Earth. It was not simply a horrific set of murderous events; it began with policies and campaigns that reflected a way of thinking about Others. It was a propaganda campaign that aimed to convince ordinary Germans, Poles, and so many others that their problems were a consequence of the presence of the Others in their countries – Roma, communists, gays and lesbians, and most of all Jews. Its logic led inexorably to the norm that the Others could be vilified, dispossessed, walled into crowded ghettos, arrested, tortured and ultimately killed with absolute impunity."

When the group designated as the “Other” has been completely devalued and discredited, and eventually dehumanized, or demonized, it becomes relatively simple to regard that group as less than human, or subhuman, and possible, psychologically to rationalize the eradication or extermination of that group, and the glorification of the group perpetrating the aggression against it. This occurred in Vietnam, with the U.S. army’s designation of the Vietnamese as subhuman “gooks,” ripe for slaughter. Of course, this occurred in Nazi Germany, with the displacement of blame for Germany’s devastated economy onto the Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Communists, gays, all designated as inferior races, and thus easier, psychologically to “justify” exterminating. And it appears, now, that there is an Orwellian campaign to rewrite the facts of World War II, obscuring reality and truth. As Goebbels said, ‘a lie repeated one thousand times is eventually perceived as the truth. The Bush administration mastered this technique, which might help explain why the American people fell into the trap of electing Bush in 2004, which made possible Bush’s destruction of the U.S. economy, unleashing two wars under fraudulent pretexts, and bringing about what could well be the eventual collapse of the United States as a superpower.

But the process continues, and it seems that there is a new “Other” being fabricated, at this moment, a stealthy process still somewhat under the radar. At the United Nations Trusteeship Council on January 27, 2009, Russian Deputy Ambassador Illya Rogachev presented Opening remarks at the briefing: “Lessons of the Holocaust and the Present.”

“As you are aware, precisely 64 years ago on 27 January the Soviet Army liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. This date is observed as the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust in accordance with the UN General Assembly Resolution 60/7 adopted in 2005, co-sponsored by Russia. I shall also recall that in 2007 the UN GA adopted another important resolution on the 'Denial of the Holocaust' which calls on UN Member-States to denounce not only the denial of the Holocaust as a historical fact but also any actions to that effect. It is regrettable that today increasingly more often we come across undisguised disregard for our common history. It sometimes seems that there are forces in some countries who are interested in revising the history of the mid-20th century. The whole world witnesses actions which from the standpoint of historical truth and human morality are unacceptable. In our view, these include attempts made in the Baltic States and Ukraine to whitewash Fascist accomplices by declaring them heroes of national liberation movements as well as demolition and desecration of monuments to those who perished for the anti-Hitlerite coalition. In Russia, the Holocaust is perceived not only as a catastrophe of the Jewish people but also as a universal human tragedy. We hold as sacred the memory of those who were murdered in concentration camps and died while liberating Europe and the entire world from Fascism. Russia considers unacceptable both the ‘revisionist’ approach to the events and outcome of World War II and the desire to re-write history to suit opportunistic political goals. We are also concerned about the rise in neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia in the modern world.”

At the meeting in the UN Trusteeship Council, a veteran of World War II, representing the US Russian-Speaking Veterans Organization, Mr. Leonid B. Rozenberg offered the following statement: “During the War, when my friends and I fought with might and main to defend our Motherland and liberate it and other countries from the Nazi scum, nearly all my family and dear ones perished in the flames of that Catastrophe. The memory of those who died at the hand of the Nazi in World War II is sacred. I shall recall that it was the Soviet Army that liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp on January 27, 1945….Russia holds as sacred the memory of the Holocaust victims and soldiers-liberators, who freed the world from the Nazi plague of the 20th century. Think about these statistics: the USSR lost 27 million people in that war! Out of the 6 million Jews who died in Nazi concentration camps 3 million came from the Soviet Union…The international community should not remain indifferent and unconcerned about the attempts made in certain European countries to whitewash Nazi accomplices and present them as heroes of national liberation movements. Regrettably, this happens in Ukraine, too, where Bendera, Shukhevich and other Nazis who fought on the side of the Fascists were declared national heroes, although it is known that most of the executors who killed Jews in Babi Yar were Ukrainian Nazis! Nothing can be more precious than historical memory. And one of the main lessons to be learned from the Holocaust is that we should preserve for future generations the memory of Nazi atrocities, we should show who wrought Evil and what grave consequences for humanity it leads to. It is inadmissible to let those who fought on the side of Evil trade places with those who fought on the side of Good or distort and rewrite history to suit political goals. It is particularly important to preserve history in the light of two memorable dates of this year – the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of World War II and the 65th Anniversary of the Opening of the Second Front.”

On February 13th, 2009 Resolution 63/162 "Inadmissibility of Certain Practices That Contribute To Fueling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance," adopted by the United Nations General Assembly was released as follows (on the report of the Third Committee A/63/428): “Inadmissibility of certain practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” Point 2: “Expresses deep concern about the glorification of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including by erecting monuments and memorials and holding public demonstrations in the name of the glorification of the Nazi past, the Nazi movement and neo-Nazism, as well as by declaring or attempting to declare such members and those who fought against the anti-Hitler coalition and collaborated with the Nazi movement as participants in national liberation movements. Point 3. “Expresses concern at recurring attempts to desecrate or demolish monuments erected in remembrance of those who fought against Nazism during the Second World War, as well as to unlawfully exhume or remove the remains of such persons, and urges states in this regard to fully comply with their relevant obligations, inter alia, under Article 34 of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949.”

Resolution 63/162 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 18, 2008 by a vote of 129 in favor, 34 abstentions, and only two votes against: the United States, shamefully, voted against this Resolution, abdicating all moral authority. And considering the recently established commission on “Preventing Genocide,” co-chaired by such luminaries as former U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and including former U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Stuart E. Eizenstat, the United States vote against UN Resolution 63/162 is a slap in the face of the members of this new commission. Toward what end is the United States violating truth, honor and human decency? Russia possesses the richest oil reserves on the planet, and other precious mineral resources, and in that fact may lie a clue to the United States’ abhorrent vote against UN General Assembly Resolution 63/162. By colluding with the glorification of Nazi collaborators, the United States perversely diminishes and devalues the heroic contribution and sacrifice made by the Soviet Union to defeating the Nazi scourge during World War II. By denying that the Soviet Union played a decisive and indispensable role in saving the world from the horrific plague of Nazism, Russia, which assumed the obligations and debts of the Soviet Union, but also the glory (and there was, indeed, great, unsurpassable glory in Soviet history), Russia is thereby devalued as a nation and as a people. This may be regarded as stage one in the designation of Russia as “the Other,” the devaluation and degradation of one of the noblest victories in human history, the Soviet defeat of Nazism, a struggle not only against Nazi Germany, but against Nazi collaborators in Ukraine, Byelorussia and the Baltics, whose bestiality frequently rivaled that of the German Nazi invaders.

Several years ago, at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, during a panel discussion on input to civilization, a ranking member of the Democratic Party stated the Russia had contributed nothing to civilization and had missed almost everything in human development. Yale University was undoubtedly embarrassed to have graduated such a stupefyingly ignorant and illiterate student, and the Democratic Party, to which I belong, must be equally embarrassed to be represented by a man so intellectually “challenged” that he cannot recognize that Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” is quite arguably the greatest work of literature in human history. (Indeed, even Laura Bush recognized that!). The human condition has perhaps nowhere else been so profoundly scrutinized. On October 4, 1959 the USSR launched the first artificial satellite orbiting the earth – the USA was in a panic, and had to scramble to catch up; on August 15, 2006, The New York Times reported that a Russian mathematician, Dr. Gregory Perelman had solved the “famous and intractable mathematical problem known as the Poincare conjecture about the nature of space”: as a result of Perelman’s work, “there is a growing feeling they have finally achieved a landmark not just of mathematics, but of human thought.”

To so scandalously devalue Russia’s contribution to human development is a position of such stupidity that it does not merit a reply. However, perhaps there is method to such madness, and it smacks of an insidious, subtle agenda, a relegation of Russia and the Russian people to inferior status, a designation as the “Other,” preparing a toxic psychological environment in which further aggression may be “rationalized.” Several months prior, on October 28, 2008, in United Nations Press Briefing room 226, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations held an unusual press briefing: unusual because he specifically named the countries, Ukraine, the United States and the United Kingdom, attempting to force United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockman to include the issue of “Holodomor” onto the agenda of the United Nations 63rd General Assembly. Ukranian President Viktor Yushchenko, with the strong encouragement of the United States and the United Kingdom has claimed that the famine of 1932-1933 was a deliberately planned Soviet policy of genocide against the Ukranian people. Yushchenko’s statistics claim that after 1929 the Ukranian population was halved, from 81 million to 42 million. But the All-Union census, held in 1926 states “the total number of Ukranians in the Soviet Union, including residents of the Western areas, was 30 million. Though it would be biologically almost impossible for the Ukranian population to have more than doubled between 1926 and 1932, the purpose of this Ukranian, US, UK backed exercise is to demonize the Soviet Union, and, by implication, its successor, the Russian Federation.

The Russian Ambassador objected to attempts by the US and the UK to force a wedge of animosity between Ukraine and Russia, which share cultural and ethnic origins, and the Ambassador made explicit reference to the famous strategy of “divide and conquer.” Against recent Ukranian claims that the Soviet Union committed genocide against the Ukranian nation and people, the Russian Ambassador presented the irrefutable argument that the Soviet Union was a Marxist state, based on the concept of economic class conflict, and for whom the only enemy was the economic class enemy: even a superficial understanding of Marxist economic theory and practice makes obvious that no national group, nor ethnic nor racial group was targeted for persecution or extermination.. The Ukranian claim that they were victims of a Soviet policy of genocide is cynical, and their claim that they exclusively suffered mass starvation in 1932-1933 is solipsistic. Claims that Ukraine suffered more under Stalin than the victims of the Nazi holocaust are a form of holocaust denial, willfully ignorant of the heinous mass atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis (including Ukranian Nazis), and an Orwellian attempt to rewrite the history of World War II, discrediting the heroic and almost superhuman victory of the Soviet Union over perhaps the most horrific orgy of mass insanity the human race has ever endured. Twenty seven million Soviet citizens died fighting Nazism, and while so much of the rest of Europe disgracefully collaborated with Nazi occupation, it was the USSR which saved the rest of the world from enslavement by the Nazi horror, a horror which caused even the great German writer Thomas Mann to call for the destruction of Germany, which, he wrote, in “Dr. Faustus,” had sunk to an abyss of barbarism from which it could never fully recover.

In the August 2007, Vanity Fair, the late Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Halberstam wrote: “Of all the fronts in the Second World War, the one least known in this country – our interest tends to disappear for those battles in which we did not participate – is ironically the most important: the Eastern Front, where the battle between the Germans and Russians took place and where, essentially the outcome of the war was decided. It began with a classic act of hubris-Hitler’s invasion of Russia, in June 1941, three years before we landed our troops in Normandy.. Some three million German troops were involved in the attack, and in the early months the penetrations were quick and decisive. Minsk was quickly taken, the Germans crossed the Dnieper by July 10, and Smolensk fell shortly after. Some 700,000 men of the Red Army…were captured by mid-September 1941. The Russian troops fell back and moved as much of their industry back east as they could. Then, slowly, the Russian lines stiffened, and the Germans, their supply lines too far extended, faltered as winter came on. The turning point was the Battle of Stalingrad, which began in late August 1942. It proved to be the most brutal battle of the war, with as many as two million combatants on both sides killed and wounded, but in the end the Russians held the city and captured what remained of the German Army there. In early 1943, the Red Army was on the offensive, the Germans in full retreat. By the middle of 1944, the Russians had 120 divisions driving west, some 2.3 million troops against an increasingly exhausted German Army of 800,000. By mid-July 1944, as the Allies were still trying to break out of the Normandy hedgerows, the Red Army was at the old Polish-Russian border. By the time of Yalta, they were closing in on Berlin.”

Pulitzer Prize winner Harrison Salisbury, another great American historian eloquently wrote: “As the clock ticked away that long spring evening (June 21, 1941), it brought Stalin and his Russia minute by minute closer to disaster. By the same token, it propelled Georgi Zhukov into perhaps the most striking military career of the 20th Century. The names of many military men may be better known in the West – England’s Montgomery, Germany’s Rommel and Guderian, de Gaulle of France, America’s Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton. But when history has completed its painful task of evaluation, when the grain of achievement is sifted from the chaff of notoriety, it seems certain that the name which will stand above all others as the master of the art of mass warfare in the twentieth century will be that of this broad-beamed, fierce, determined man, Marshal Zhukov, who turned the tide of battle against the Nazis, against Hitler, not once, but time after time after time.”

According to Christopher Simpson, in his epic “The Splendid Blonde Beast, Money, Law and Genocide in the Twentieth Century,” “President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s conflicts with the Foreign Service dated back to the first days of his administration. The dispute had often centered on what to do about Nazi Germany, and sometimes Ambassador Herbert Pell was involved. Roosevelt had come to distrust the European Division of the State Department, which disagreed with FDR’s politics and often pursued its own agenda regardless of directives from the White House. State’s Eastern European specialists, including William Bullitt, Loy Henderson, and George Kennan, leaned toward a strategy of rapprochement with Hitler and an anti-Bolshevik cordon sanitaire with Germany against the Soviets. Roosevelt favored normalized relations with the Soviets – in late 1933, he sent the first U.S. Ambassador to Moscow since the 1917 revolution – and as the decade wore on he increasingly viewed the German-Japanese Axis as the world’s most dangerous imperial force. Ambassador Herbert Pell agreed, strongly backing the President in his controversies with the Foreign Service. FDR even went so far as to dissolve State’s Division of Eastern European Affairs, believing that the group was disloyal to the Administration and was undermining efforts to strengthen international cooperation against the Axis.”

Perhaps the most incriminating evidence against Ukranian claims that they were targeted for mass starvation, and victims of a policy of genocide by Stalin, is precisely the year 1932-1933 in which “Holodomor” is said to have occurred. The year 1932 was the height – or abyss – of the Great Depression, and millions of people throughout the world, including millions in other regions of the Soviet Union, from Kazakhstan, through Russia, Belarus, and elsewhere, were dying of starvation. In the United States, where 30 million people were unemployed, three and one half million veterans of World War I were jobless, homeless, and often starving. These three and one half million destitute veterans had been promised bonuses for their service in World War I, and a huge number of them traveled by any available means, or walked huge distances to Washington, D.C. to demand their bonus, which was their only hope of avoiding starvation for themselves and their families.

From “The Bonus Army” by Paul Dickson and Thomas B. Allen:

“There was an old Hoover

Who lived in a shoe

He had so many veterans

He didn’t know what to do

So he gassed them and tanked them

And burned up their beds

And then told all the people

The vets were all Reds.”

“Mellon pulled the whistle

Hoover rang the bell

Wall Street gave the signal

And the country went to hell”

“On January 6, 1932 a vast army of unemployed workers, arrived in Washington to demand jobs. They were led by Father James Cox of Pittsburgh, a Roman Catholic priest who had served as a chaplain in the war…Cox lambasted President Hoover and his policies. ‘Our president is still trying to give money to the bankers, but none to the people, who need it badly. There is plenty of money in this country, but try and get it….The government sent Al Capone to jail for cheating it out of $100,000, yet John D. Rockefeller is giving $4,000,000 to his son to escape inheritance tax.’

“Then, on the cold, gray morning of March 7, 1932, approximately four thousand men and women marched from Detroit to the Ford Motor Company’s River Rouge plant in Dearborn to present a list of demands to company management. A fight broke out when the marchers were denied entry to the plant. Police opened fire on the unarmed mob. A photographer for the Detroit News, Ray Pillsbury reported: ‘I would guess that hundreds of shots were fired into the mob. I saw their leaders drop, writhing with their wounds, and the mob dropped back…people were pitching forward every few seconds and lying still. When the smoke cleared, four men lay dead or dying in what became known as the Ford Massacre. The four bodies lay in state for four days in Workers’ Hall in Detroit under a huge red flag, a portrait of Lenin, and a banner reading ‘Ford Gave Bullets for Bread’”

“Father Charles E. Coughlin, the ‘radio priest’ who railed against ‘the vested interests of wealth’ to a weekly network audience of between thirty and fifty million, said: ‘If the government can pay 2 billion dollars to the bankers and railroads (through the Reconstruction Finance Corporation) having had no obligation toward them, why cannot it pay the 2 billion dollars to the soldiers, already recognized as an obligation?” “Will Rogers warned his readers that ‘you can’t get a room in Washington…every hotel is jammed to the doors with bankers from all over America to get their ‘hand out’ from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. ‘The bankers’ it seemed to Rogers, ‘have the honor of being the first group to go on the dole in America’”

The Bonus Expeditionary Force:

“One of the veterans organizing the march on Washington was Wright Patman, who finished his war service ‘with an awakened sense of moral outrage, especially about the money spent and corporate profits assured by the sales of weapons. He learned to fire an artillery piece with an eight mile range, which he described to his sister in a letter. ‘What you would call a bullet is as big as a stove pipe and twice as long. It cost the government $1,250 to fire one of them.’ Patman then observed that the cost of firing the ‘bullet’ was ten times the cost of a new schoolhouse.’”

Almost a million veterans arrived in Washington to demand their bonus. Their living conditions were described by Roy Wilkins when he arrived at Anacostia. “There I found black toes and white toes sticking out side by side from a ramshackle town of pup tents, packing crates, and tar-paper shacks. Black men and white men, veterans of the segregated army that had fought in World War I, lined up equally, perspired in sick bays side by side.’ Gardner Jackson of Survey magazine saw something else there: “The men…indeed practiced the first large scale attempt to mimic Mahatma Gandhi’s passive resistance…He added in parenthesis, ‘I might be thrown out as a Red if I told them that in person.” “These men and their families were characterized with many labels, including, now, ‘nonviolent.’”

July 18, 1932: For months the veterans remained in Washington, pleading and begging for the bonus that the United States government had guaranteed them. These non-violent veterans who had risked their lives to fight for the United States during World War I, were now regarded by the U.S. government as an enemy, and by July 18, 1932 President Hoover decided that he wanted the huge numbers of veterans thrown out of Washington and evicted from their pathetic cardboard huts surrounding the “heart” of Washington, and in Anacostia. On July 23, 1932 General Douglas MacArthur declared: “We are going to break the back of the Bonus Expeditionary Force. Within a short time we will move down Pennsylvania Avenue, sweep through the billets there, and then clean out the other two big camps. The operation will be continuous. It will all be done tonight.’” “The force stepped off at 4:30PM. More than two hundred cavalrymen, carbines at the sling and sabers drawn spread across Pennsylvania Avenue, trotting from the Treasury Building toward the Capitol. The trucks carrying the tanks rolled slowly behind the cavalry. Then came about four hundred infantrymen…..From the roof of the Ford building, where the eviction had begun in the morning, Richard L. Strout, a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor looked down to see the soldiers assembling on the avenue, and fixing bayonets, while in the rubble of the billets some veterans were lining up for mess call”

“Without warning the soldiers started hurling gas grenades at the vets. Troops drove Strout and other onlookers off the roof and through gas-clouded floors to the street. An infantry squad rushed into another wrecked building still housing veterans, ran to the roof and hurled tear-gas grenades down the stairwells, clearing the place. The cavalry ‘made war’ on the spectators gathered to watch the eviction. J. F. Essary of the Baltimore Sun wrote: ‘Nothing like this cavalry charge has ever been witnessed in Washington. The mad dash of these armed horsemen against twenty to thirty thousand people who were guilty of nothing more atrocious than standing on private property observing the scene was bitterly commented on by spectators…A. Everett McIntyre, a member of the Federal Trade Commission saw the infantrymen in gas masks advancing on the veterans, jabbing with bayonets to move them on. ‘Soon almost everybody disappeared from view because tear gas bombs exploded. The entire block was covered with tear gas. Flames were coming up, where the soldiers had set fire to the buildings to drive these people out. I watched the soldiers moving from hut to hut starting the blaze,’ Richard Strout reported. Shanty after shanty went up in flames, along with the meager belongings of the vets and their families.”

“ ‘Be careful men, don’t burn any flags, ‘ an officer said. But the camps were full of flags, and they burned as well as scraps of wood and cardboard that had sheltered the vets….Paul V. Anderson heard an officer bark a command and then saw cavalrymen charge the crowd with drawn sabers. ‘Men women and children fled shrieking across the broken ground, falling into excavations as they strove to avoid the rearing hoofs and saber points. A woman at a shack pleaded for permission to go inside and snatch a suitcase with all the clothes she had for herself and her child. ‘Get out of here lady, before you get hurt,’ the soldier said. He then set the shack on fire…As a soft summer evening closed over Washington, flames silhouetted the Capitol and the Washington Monument. The day had ended, but not the Army’s battle against the veterans’ Bonus Expeditionary Force. At 9:00PM MacArthur told the ranking infantry and cavalry officers that ‘this command will proceed to Anacostia Flats and evacuate Bonus marchers from that property.’ Smoke could be seen rising from the ruins of the Bonus Army’s Anacostia camp on the morning after troops – using tear gas, bayonets and torches – drove out the veterans and their families. And this, said a veteran’s wife, ‘because they cry for food…because they beg for work.’”

In 1932 President Hoover unleashed the United States army to slaughter loyal American veterans who were starving, and, exercising their First Amendment Right of Assembly, gathered in Washington D.C. to lobby for the bonus which had been guaranteed them. Three and ¾ million veterans were promised that bonus, a promise betrayed by the government, which ordered the army to attack veterans claiming their rights. Starvation was rampant those years in the United States, 30 million Americans were unemployed, families often forced to eat their own pet animals, one step from cannibalism, conditions ripe for revolution. Ukraine has used the term “genocide” irresponsibly: using Ukranian government criteria, one could equally well make a valid case that President Hoover perpetrated genocide against impoverished American World War I veterans and their families, and deliberately engineered the starvation of an entire class of American citizens, jobless and destitute through no fault of their own.

There is a famous saying that: “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” But when history is falsified, as governments in the Baltic countries, Ukraine and other neo-Nazi movements throughout Europe and in the USA are attempting to do, populations are hostage to lies, and incapable of defending themselves from cynical, avaricious manipulations by unscrupulous leaders. This is precisely the manipulation and perversion of truth that was feared and denounced by the great philosopher Nietzsche, (in “The Geneaology of Morals”) whose philosophy, not incidentally, was derived from and based upon the earlier writings of that Russian genius, Dostoyevsky.

When the Soviet victory over Nazism is degraded, and when Nazi collaborators are glorified, the unthinkable day may come when our own history may be betrayed, and America’s greatest president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, will be denounced and demonized for his fierce opposition to Nazism, and his willingness to commit American soldiers to the war in Europe against Nazi Germany. UN General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto is protecting the accurate historical record, but the United States vote against General Assembly Resolution 63/162 has terrifying implications in a world confronting neo-Nazi movements during a global economic depression. And worse, many of the countries now warmly hosting neo-Nazi groups are NATO members.

The idea of Russia being defined as the “Other” would seem ludicrous, somewhat akin to the BBC broadcast, some years ago, which announced: “Storm over the English Channel. Continent isolated.” However, on February 16, 2009, The New York Times, Vladivostok, Russia, reported: “demonstrations by used car dealers protesting tariffs on their industry. The car dealer demonstrations in Vladivostok in the past two months have drawn thousands of people, more than events sponsored anywhere in Russia by liberal opponents of Vladimir V. Putin…Senior officials have portrayed the organizers as profiteers controlled by foreign agents who want this region to secede from Russia.” And on Saturday, February 28th, The New York Times reported from Nazran, Russia: “In a recent interview with Novaya Gazeta, the new President of Ingushetia, Yanus-Bek Yevkurov stated that he believed that ‘the English and American secret services were backing Islamic militants in Inguishetia as a way to bring down Russia just as the Soviet Union was brought down.’” That was Brzezinski’s agenda. From the oil rich Caucasus to oil rich Siberia, Russia is being gnawed at, and the current insidious efforts to portray Russia as the “Other” may be part of this agenda – and a recipe for catastrophe.. Napoleon and Hitler attempted this, and the result was the downfall of Napoleonic France and the destruction of Nazi Germany. Those attempting to rewrite history today may find themselves “hoist on their own petard,” as the failure of free-market capitalism drags the world toward an abyss....