Saturday, January 1, 2011


Netanyau meets Omar Suleiman, head of Egyptian Inteligence on 4 November 2010 in Tel Aviv.

According to official papers from 1980, British diplomats feared Israel would use nuclear weapons against its Arab neighbors. (British feared Israel would nuke Arabs: archives)

Egypt is one of Israel's Arab neighbors.....

The USA sees Egypt as vital to its interests.....

According to the powerful US Council on Foreign Relations (Egypt - Council on Foreign Relations):

"The Suez Canal remains critical to the security of the Persian Gulf and its vast energy reserves, as well as to global trade.

"Egypt also maintains the region's largest and most powerful Arab military."

It seems that Obama would like to topple Egypt's President Mubarak, and replace him with someone more reliable.....

The Pentagon wants the Egyptian military to help advance the US-Israeli agenda.....

But the Egyptian military sees Israel as the enemy.....?

And Egypt has resisted sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. (US frustrated with Egypt military)

Egyptian Diva....? not really ......

Israel would like to shake Mubarak, it seems.....

اكد "حزب الله" في بيان، تعليقا على الإنفجار الذي استهدف كنيسة القديسين في مدينة الإسكندرية المصرية، "إنّ كلمات الإدانة والشجب تبقى قاصرة وعاجزة عن التعبير عن مشاعر الغضب والأسف والحزن لجريمة التفجير الإرهابي أمام كنيسة القديسين في الإسكندرية مع الساعات الأولى لبداية العام الجديد والتي أودت بحياة العشرات من الأبرياء".

اضاف:"إننا في حزب الله إذ نعبّر عن تعازينا ومواساتنا لأهالي الشهداء المظلومين والدعاء للجرحى بالشفاء العاجل، نسأل الله تعالى أن يساعد الجهات المسؤولة والمعنية على كشف المجرمين ومن يقف وراءهم من أجل إحباط إحدى أخطر المؤامرات التي باتت تستهدف التنوع الديني في أكثر من بلد عربي وإسلامي خدمة للمشروع الصهيوني التهويدي في فلسطين المحتلة، والمشروع الأمريكي التفتيتي لبلادنا العربية والإسلامية".

Israel, USA, Jordan, KSA, UAE, Syria and Egypt have many strong intelligence and covert operational and extrajudicial assassinations ties......namely the infamous White House Murder INC, since January 24th 2002.......

13% of the Israeli army's civilian workforce are Egyptians. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

Early in 2010, Egypt and Israel made a gas deal allowing Israel to buy the gas at prices lower than its market value.

However, more recently Egypt's Irrigation Minister dismissed the possibility that Egypt would supply Israel with water from the Nile. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

On 20 December 2010 (ISRAEL DESTABILISING EGYPT) we learnt that Egypt arrested members of an Israeli spy ring within its borders.

Egypt claims the spies kidnapped foreign nationals.

Reportedly, the aim is to destabilize security in the Sinai.

Emad Gad, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, says: "Despite Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt, Egypt remains Israel's primary threat in the region.

"Israel sees Egypt as its main obstacle to regional dominance."

George Galloway, a known disinformation agent, has been attacking Mubarak.

On 1 January 2011, we read that a Al-CIAda is responsible for the 22 dead and dozens injured...., seven dead and 24 injured in an attack on a church in Egypt


Israel attacked Egypt in 1967 and 1973....

Israel claimed that it attacked because Nasser had placed troops in part of Egypt called the Sinai.

The CIA's assessment was that Egypt's military presence in the Sinai was defensive. (Israel's attack on Egypt in June '67 was not 'preemptive' FPJ)

Gamal Mubarak (left) and Omar Suleiman

Who might replace Mubarak?

Some unknown military figure could emerge.....

Or spy chief Omar Suleiman could take power in some kind of coup......

Suleiman was trained at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center at Fort Bragg, in the 1980s. (Egypt's Next Strongman Foreign Policy)

Suleiman continues to have close contacts with US/Israeli intelligence and military officials.

On Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, Suleiman is receiving support. (Egypt's Next Strongman Foreign Policy)

Sounds spooky....since Mubarak cannot survive one day in power without CIA/MOSSAD's constant vigilance for 30 odd years.....